Leaders’ Solution for Marketing Aesthetic Medicine on Social Media


The Rise of Aesthetic Medicine 

The aesthetic medicine sector has been experiencing substantial yet silent growth 📈 over the past few years that simply cannot be ignored. In fact, the Aesthetic Society released annual statistics revealing that Americans spent over $9 billion on aesthetic plastic surgery in 2021. By 2025 the market is expected to reach an estimated valuation of 15.2 billion 💰. 

The Benefits of Social Media

Social media is becoming particularly powerful in shaping personal perceptions of beauty💄 and in motivating aesthetic purchasing decisions. In fact, 55% of facial plastic surgeons said patients in their practice said they were motivated by the desire to look better in selfies. Additionally, social media has been shown to have a greater impact than mass media and consumer advertising as they embed a sense of authenticity, personalization and everyday life that makes content and images more immediate and relevant. As a result, as consumers on social media are increasingly receptive to cosmetic treatments, it would be a major loss for cosmetic practitioners focused on patient acquisition not to tap into these markets 🎯 – or to do so with an ineffective strategy riddled with marketing errors.

What Do We Offer?

In order to remain relevant, to attract the right audience and to boost sales, LDRS Group developed “CREATORS AR”; a service provider exclusively dedicated to AR technology📱, offering unique solutions to brands. Namely, one of them is to offer brands the possibility to create their own AR filters.

AR Effects Filters have created a new, fun and exciting way for users to enjoy social media, and a new way for brands to deliver a unique user experience and stronger engagement. Filters are one of the most viral tools to organically engage audiences and they offer an incredible way to gain new followers 👥 and impressions. We therefore create filters that are relevant to each brand and their individual goals. 

If you want to know more about the other AR solutions we offer, you can read our previous article where everything was explained in depth✨.