Let’s Take a Deep Dive into IMAI’s Discovery Platform


We’d like to revisit one of our previous blog posts that took a deeper look at our Discovery Platform, the most comprehensive and effective solution for businesses and brands to identify influencers for their marketing campaigns. By using IMAI’s Discovery Platform, brands can ensure that they are targeting the right people that will help them achieve a positive ROI for their campaigns. 

In the past, the Platform was divided into 3 section tabs, namely: Influencer ID, List and Audience Data. However, we’ve recently decided to add two additional new tab sections to more effectively meet and exceed our users’ expectations, making their search for influencers more relevant and comprehensive than ever.

Now let’s see how these new features work 👀.

One of the additional tab sections is called “Social Listening”. Social listening is the process of following up on relevant conversations on social media about your brand, industry, product category, etc. In other words, it’s about finding social content that mentions your brand or product and the conversations around it, and analyzing it to uncover opportunities for action. For more information concerning this process, you can consult our previous blog. This new feature allows IMAI users to find brands’ sponsored posts by using hashtags, mentions and sponsored or branded filters, or simply by clicking on the top tags suggested. With this new feature, our users can now access key information on their e-reputation, monitor the quality of reception of their content by consumers, and know how to differentiate themselves from their competitors on various social networks.

The second new tab section is the “Support” section. By clicking this tab, users will be able to access our new IMAI support system that provides them with guidance on how to use the platform and answers specific or general frequently asked questions. For each FAQ, we provide complete and straightforward answers to make the support process smoother.

We hope that you enjoy our two new features on the Discovery Platform, implemented to allow users to make their search for influencers more fluid, relevant, and comprehensive.