Meet the 3 Must-Follow Lezama Relationship TikTok Influencers of 2023

There has never been a better time for friends, family and relationships influencers in Lezama than in 2023. From the inspiring and fantastic to the outrageous and unpredictable, the city of Lezama is buzzing with the excitement that comes with these awe-inspiring personalities.

Today, we are taking a look at three spectacular TikTok influencers who help change the way we view and interact with our social circles. Prepare to be amazed and inspired by their unique perspectives, creative content and sheer determination as they set the social media scene on fire.

Top 3 friends, family & relationships TikTok influencers from Lezama:

1. Sab – @.saabbs

Sab, an influencer from Lezama with the username .saabbs, is popular on TikTok for their friends, family and relationships content. With 1,322 followers and a massive 50622 views per TikTok on average, Sab’s popularity is on the rise.

Not only this, but 6333 engagements on average, Sab holds a high engagement rate of 479.05%, making them a favorite among their fans.

Followers: 1,322

Engagement rate: 479.05%

Avg. engagement: 6,333

Avg. views: 50,622

2. Toรฑo pa los friends. – @antonioojv

Antonioojv, better known as โ€˜Toรฑo pa los friends’ on TikTok brings fun, entertaining, and creative content to his 1,446 followers. With an average of 102885 views per post, he’s clearly captivating his audience. It doesn’t stop there though – his average engagements per post are 8,871 with an incredible 613.49% engagement rate.

From Lezama, Antonioojv is somebody for you to follow for friends, family, and relationships content!

Followers: 1,446

Engagement rate: 613.49%

Avg. engagement: 8,871

Avg. views: 102,885

3. โ € – @lko1407

Meet lko1407, the TikTok influencer from Lezama with 3,697 followers! With an average of 16,863 views per video and 4,252 engagements per post, the content lko1407 creates is consistently engaging, with an engagement rate of 115.01% in their posts. From inspiring videos about friends and family to fresh perspectives on relationships, lko1407โ€™s TikTok account encourages its followers to explore the world around them.

Followers: 3,697

Engagement rate: 115.01%

Avg. engagement: 4,252

Avg. views: 16,863


It’s clear that these influencers are making waves in 2021, and it’s sure to be an exciting year for them in 2023. From their creative content to their inspiring messages, these three have the power to shape the online culture and bring more visibility to the Lezama community.

So, to get a head start on the positive vibes in 2023, make sure to keep your eyes and ears open as these Three Spectacular Friends, Family & Relationships TikTok Influencers continue making their mark!