Most engaging 3 music Instagram influencers in Agra in 2023

As social media continues to revolutionize the way we consume and share music, Instagram is becoming an increasingly important platform for connecting musicians with fans. Agra is home to a vibrant music scene, and as such, Instagram influencers have become essential for spreading the word about upcoming talent.

By leveraging their large followings, these influencers can have a huge impact on the success of local musicians. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the most engaging 3 music Instagram influencers in Agra in 2023.

We’ll look at their impact on the music industry, and how their influence can help generate buzz and drive people to live events. Let’s get started.

Top 3 music Instagram influencers from Agra:

1. ส€ษชสแด€ษด – @_riyan_khan_

Riyan Khan is an Instagram influencer from Agra, India who specializes in music. He goes by the username _riyan_khan_ on the platform and has developed a large, devoted following due to his engaging content.

His posts have garnered a total of 1479 engagements and 624 comments, resulting in an engagement rate of 42.19%. He focuses on both creating his own music and promoting music made by others, featuring only the best tracks in the hip hop, rap, and R&B genres. His page is constantly filled with energizing and uplifting tunes, making it a great source of music for anyone looking to discover something new!

Followers: 1,479

Engagement rate: 42.0%

Avg. engagement: 624

2. Mritunjay Chauhan – @mj_bbx_

Mritunjay Chauhan is an Instagram influencer from Agra, India who posts music-related content on his Instagram profile. He goes by the username of mj_bbx_ and has 1558 followers and 216 engagements.

His current engagement rate is 13.86%, which is significantly higher than the average on Instagram.

He is a dedicated musician and music enthusiast, and posts content related to musical instruments as well as musical performances from all around the world. Mritunjay is passionate about helping people discover new music, and engaging with other music enthusiasts.

He has built a strong following around his passion for music, and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible on the platform. He is an inspiration for aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts alike, and his positive energy and enthusiasm for the craft is palpable.

Follow Mritunjay on his Instagram profile to get access to some great music and insight into the world of music and music production.

Followers: 1,558

Engagement rate: 14.0%

Avg. engagement: 216

3. Ankit Chittoriya – @ankit_chittoriya__

Ankit Chittoriya is a music Instagram influencer from Agra, India, who has the username [ankit_chittoriya__] and [1049] followers with [150] engagements and a 14.3% engagement rate.

He specializes in creating content that features aspiring and established musicians/singers from a wide range of genres. His posts often showcase an international selection of music, and he has featured some popular international musicians as well.

Additionally, his posts also feature interviews with the people behind the music, giving audiences an insight into their creativity and work. Ankit is well-known for his support of the budding artists and his collaborations with them on new music.

He is a great promoter ofindie music and has helped highlight a lot of unknown talent in the community. Ankitโ€™s Instagram page provides a platform for people to discover music and share their love for it.

Followers: 1,049

Engagement rate: 14.0%

Avg. engagement: 150


Itโ€™s not too late to get started in the music Instagram influencer space โ€“ Agra has an exciting music scene that is being propelled into the future with a crop of top-notch influencers. From creating new music to driving profiles in the industry, these 3 music influencers in Agra will ensure that your voice gets heard and encourages conversations about music in the city.

Who knows โ€“ maybe Agra will become the next hub of music production or influence in 2023!