Navigating IMAI: A Step By Step Guide To Using Our Search Platform

With IMAI, you can search and analyze over 130 million influencers. Our goal is to provide you with the data you need to make an informed decision and find the perfect influencer for your campaign and brand. We are going to walk you through how to use the different features of IMAI to make sure you understand how to get the most out of our technology.

When you first log onto our platform, you will see our discovery dashboard:

Here you can search for any specific influencer you would like to analyze, based on the platform you are interested in (Instagram, TikTok or Facebook). 

Not sure who you want to work with yet? Below the search bar you can customize your search by audience demographics and psychographics to discover influencers whose profile perfectly fits your campaign and brand (Such as their location, age, interest). 

Something to note: once finding influencers you are interested in working with, you can add them to a customized list (add a profile to a list by navigating to the right of the screen and selecting “add to list”)

When navigating to the dashboard on the upper left of your screen, you can view the lists that you have created, see the audience reports for influencers you have viewed, use our “social listening” feature, browse new updates on IMAI and access support resources. 

List Tab

Are you looking for influencers who target a diverse range of audiences? With our list feature, you can create custom lists to organize your saved influencers based on their interests. 

Audience Tab

One of the most useful tools on IMAI is the influencer insights, found on the Audience Report Tab. Here you can view specific statistics and data on an influencer’s profile, such as how many fake followers they have, their engagement rate, their audiences’ demographics breakdown and more. 

Social Listening Tab

With the social listening feature, you can keep track of top trending hashtags, mentions, and companies creating sponsored content, across social media. This tool can be extremely useful when conducting hashtag research. 

News Tab 

Navigate to our news tab to view the latest updates on the IMAI platform and learn how to utilize the new features.

Support Tab

On the support tab you can access resources to find the answers to frequently asked questions about using IMAI or contact us for further guidance.


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