New IMAI Client Dashboard UI


The IMAI client dashboard includes visualization and graphical representation of the multi-channel campaign metrics, which allow all clients to track the campaign(s) they have activated with the agency. Recently, our team decided to give the platform a face-lift and create a new UI for the technology. Furthermore, in addition to completely renewing its design, we also updated the system and server allowing the platform to be better, faster, and stronger than ever before 🚀.

User Interface (UI)

UI is the aspect of design that reflects how a user interacts with a particular brand or technology interface. A well-designed UI can help the use of an application be perceived as ‘good usability’ due to its ability to allow the user to perform a certain task effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily. This improves the overall user experience (UX) of the platform, which in turn improves that customer’s perceived experience (CX) with the brand that creates such practical and nifty apps.


Importance of UI

In a world becoming rapidly technology led , the primary ways in which businesses serve their customers have now shifted to digital channels such as mobile and web apps. Business services for the private market are already highly digitalized, but services to other businesses are also starting to turn to tech for the most part and in some cases are already quite advanced. All of this means that customers, both business and private, have also become users of the applications that a company provides to deliver their service.

Providing a good user interface for these applications is therefore essential. Its appearance and interactivity with the user goes a long way in capturing the users’ interest, making it a very important aspect that cannot be left out in any area that requires design. Customers who use the applications must perform their tasks effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.


IMAI Client Dashboard UI

For all the reasons mentioned above, we have renewed the user interface of the Customer Dashboard in order to meet the expectations of our users in a more efficient way, allowing them to use the functionalities of our site in a smooth and easy way. Our goal is to facilitate effective interaction between the user and the program that we offer them through contrasting visuals, a clean design and instant reactivity. 

The LDRS group is aware that user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are part of a brand’s overall customer experience (CX) and that delivering an exceptional customer experience can only happen if it succeeds in all three. Therefore, to create a memorable customer experience, we map the entire customer journey by identifying all the points of interaction, which helps us not only to improve each of them, but also to improve the customer experience as a whole.