New IMAI Discovery platform UI


Let’s travel back in time to one of our previous blog posts which dove into our Discovery platform- the Discovery platform is the best, most comprehensive & efficient AI-driven analytics program for companies scouting and searching for the most relevant influencers for their campaigns. It helps them ensure that they are targeting the right people in order to ensure positive ROI in their campaigns. The platform is divided into 3 section tabs, namely: influencer identification, list and audience data

As explained in a previous blog, providing a good user interface (UI) for applications is essential. In fact, its appearance and interactivity with the user goes a long way in capturing the users’ interest; making it a very important aspect that cannot be left out in any area that requires design. And, customers who use the applications must be able to perform their tasks effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily

Therefore, we chose to renew the UI of the Discovery audience data tab section in order to meet and surpass the expectations of our users in a more efficient way, allowing them to use the functionalities of our site in a smooth and seamless manner. Additionally, alongside the design revival, we’ve added a crucial feature that now makes the platform more relevant and comprehensive than ever. Let’s now have a look at it in more detail 👀. 

Discovery platform – Audience data


  • Old version:

  • New version:



  • Old version:

  • New version:

As you can see by comparing the old and new versions in the images above, we’ve moved up the “follower credibility” from the influencer section. This is because we realized it was more convenient for users to have access to this statistic at the first level- which triggered a rearrangement of data in order of relevancy. 

Moreover, in the influencer section, we added new important features, such as “Fake/bots followers” and “Suggested prices”. The former allows users – in addition to the “follower credibility” statistic – to know the exact percentage of fake followers the influencer has probably purchased. The latter gives users the ability to estimate how much they will spend if they work with this specific influencer, whether they want him to make a post or a story. 


As you can see, LEADERS realized that user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are integral parts of a brand’s overall customer experience (CX) and that delivering a great customer experience can only happen if it succeeds in all three. Therefore, to create a memorable customer experience, we have provided a better and more relevant data organization as well as important new features on our website to allow customers to use our Discovery platform in a smoother and more transparent way.