Organize and Analyze Your Influencer Relationships with IMAI’s Influencer List Feature

IMAI is a platform that allows you to curate and manage influencer lists. The influencer list feature allows you to organize influencers into different lists, such as potential influencers or influencers you’re currently working with. Once you add an influencer to a list, real-time data on that influencer is generated, even if you don’t generate a report on them.

To create a new list, simply click on “add a new list” and give it a name. IMAI recommends creating lists for potential influencers and influencers you’re currently working with. If you end up hiring some of the potential influencers, you can simply duplicate the list and remove the ones you didn’t hire.

You can also share lists with your team or externally. By clicking on “share list,” you can share the list with your team, and it will be editable and visible to everyone. If you want to share the list externally, you can choose to remove the display analytics and customize the background color and logo.

Customizing your list fields is also an option. By clicking on the cogwheel and selecting “custom list fields,” you can choose which fields show up in the sharing page. For example, if you want to show only the influencer’s approval status, number of followers, and platform, you can mark those fields and share the list.

IMAI’s influencer list feature also allows you to analyze your list’s expected or estimated performance. You can see the expected exposure and engagement, breakdown of the audience by gender, age, and location, and quality control. You can also calculate the unique reach of your entire list.

In conclusion, IMAI’s influencer list feature is a powerful tool for organizing, sharing, and analyzing influencers. By creating lists, you can better manage your influencer relationships and gain insights into their performance.