Our 5 noteworthy home decor, furniture & garden TikTok influencers at Pinto in 2023

Are you ready to get inspired to upgrade your home decor, furniture, and garden game? TikTok, the notorious app for short-form videos, is here to help, with five of the most noteworthy influencers at Pinto in 2023. With some of the freshest and trendiest home decor, furniture, and gardening tips, these TikTok influencers are sure to help you breathe new life into your home! So letโ€™s get to it!

Top 5 home decor, furniture & garden TikTok influencers from Pinto:

1. ???? ???????? ?? – @javitaaaaaa.o

Javita Orellana is a TikTok influencer from Pinto, Chile who focuses on home decor, furniture, and garden topics. With an average of 1,260 views and 883 engagements per post on their TikTok channel, they have an impressive 2.3% engagement rate.

Fans of their channel can expect to see high-quality videos and inspiring ideas for the home and garden.

Followers: 1,260

Engagement rate: 2.3%

Avg. engagement: 29

Avg. views: 883

2. Martin – @icymask25

Martin (icymask25) is a influential TikTok influencer from Pinto focused on home decor, furniture and garden. Known for their creative and inspiring content, Martinโ€™s TikTok posts have an average of 59,600 views and 34,339 engagements each, giving them an impressive engagement rate of 57.62%.

Followers: 59,600

Engagement rate: 57.62%

Avg. engagement: 34,339

Avg. views: 331,190

3. nati?โ€โ™€๏ธ – @natalia.caneo

Nati?โ€โ™€๏ธ, a TikTok Influencer from Pinto, has a username natalia.caneo. She has a growing audience of 4,324 and an average of 142421 views per video. Additionally, her average engagement rate per post is 18,389, with an impressive engagement rate of 425.28%. Her content is focused on home decor, furniture and garden ideas and tips, making her a great resource for those looking to spruce up their homes.

Followers: 4,324

Engagement rate: 425.28%

Avg. engagement: 18,389

Avg. views: 142,421

4. Bella Sophia Home – @bellasophia.19

Bella Sophia Home from Pinto is an up and coming home decor, furniture and garden TikTok influencer. With over 145,600 followers and an average of 228748 views and 10394 engagements per post, their engagement rate averages 7.14%. Follow this account for creative and inspiring ideas for home decor, furniture and gardens.

Followers: 145,600

Engagement rate: 7.14%

Avg. engagement: 10,394

Avg. views: 228,748

5. ๏นซโ €โ € ?ntito ห“ห“ โ €โ € ? – @.antiitoluv

Antito ห“ห“ ? is a home decor, furniture, and garden TikTok influencer from Pinto, who has the username @antiitoluv. With 7,774 followers and a 2032 average views per TikTok, Antito ห“ห“ ? has a 367 average engagements per post and 4.72% engagement rate in their posts.

They provide fresh perspectives on home decor, furniture, and garden design, and share unique styles with their audience. Follow Antito ห“ห“ ? for year-round inspirations for your home, garden and lifestyle!

Followers: 7,774

Engagement rate: 4.72%

Avg. engagement: 367

Avg. views: 2,032


Our 5 home decor, furniture and garden TikTok influencers from Pinto are undoubtedly making their mark on the culture, and the possibilities for the future of home decor looks bright. We canโ€™t wait to see what new ideas and trends these influencers will bring to the world of home decor and furniture in the years to come.

With their help, we can create stylish, sustainable and inspiring living spaces for everyone to enjoy.