Plan Your Instagram Feeds In Four Steps



Plan Your Instagram Feeds In Four Steps

If you don’t plan your Instagram feed in advance then you are missing an opportunity to highlight your brand in the most popular influencer marketing platform. Planning your Instagram feed is beneficial and you can do it in simple four steps.

#1: Choose an aesthetic

Every decent profile as a definite aesthetic and this you can check by visiting other profiles. It will give you an idea about how your profiles look like in comparison to others. You will see how brands shape their aesthetics using different colors, fonts and textures for Influencer advertising.

Once you’ve an idea, you can go ahead creating a brand mood board for your brand. It will allow you to present the true colors of your brand before the targeted audiences. It is how most b2b tech influencers set the direction of their feeds.

#2: Find the right content

Content is an important part of your Instagram profile but it is better to use user generated content and stock photos as it looks realistic. Also, it will help in building a sense of community around your business brand. The good thing is that there are many influencer marketing tools you can use to find the right content.

For example, take Later’s UGC tools, where you can search stock photos and user generated content. Search interesting content on the tools and add photos and videos to your social media. It will increase your influencer outreach to manifold.

#3: Keep your Instagram feed consistent with filters

Filters can improve the look and feel of your photos but you should know how to take advantage of the filters. Luckily there are many apps that you can use to give final touch to your photos. For example, take VSCO app and Adobe Lightroom that are quite popular with marketers and you can find these apps in your influencer marketing search.

With Lightroom presets, you can easily make your Instagram photos look professional in one-click. Also, it is easier to edit photos with this tool on mobile. Also, you can try improving photos by adjusting brightness and contrast. Or you can find Instagram influencers that can do the job for you.

#4: Plan in advance

Try scheduling your posts in advance as it helps in maintaining aesthetics and consistency in regularity in posting. The new audiences should find your feeds interesting and it is possible only when you can prevent your posts from look repetitive or a bit dull. Try doing the best with white label influencer marketing software.