Revolutionize Your Influencer Campaign Tracking with IMAI’s Comprehensive Platform

Looking for an efficient and comprehensive way to track your influencer campaigns? Look no further than IMAI’s campaign platform. Our user-friendly interface and wide range of features make tracking your influencer campaigns easier than ever.

Create a campaign by choosing a logo, name, currency, internal budget, and dates. Then, select the hashtags, mentions, or keywords you’d like to track and any influencers you want to add to the campaign. Our platform automatically tracks their posts, stories, reels, and videos, so you can easily see how they’re performing.

Want to track link clicks? IMAI’s campaign platform allows you to create unique short links for each influencer, so you can see how many clicks each generated and customize their payment based on link performance.

If you want to track leads, sign-ups, or scheduled meetings, our conversion tracking feature is for you. Simply copy and paste a short script onto the thank you page and give each conversion a value to measure its impact on your campaign. You can also choose a default influencer payment for each conversion and the conversion window, which determines how long after the initial click a conversion will be attributed to the influencer.

Need to track influencer sales? IMAI’s campaign platform allows you to create unique coupon discount codes for each influencer, so you can see how many sales were made using their code and customize their payment based on performance.

Our platform also offers integrations for Shopify and WooCom for sales tracking, and you can create a custom solution for other stores with the help of a developer.

With IMAI’s campaign platform, you can easily track your campaign’s metrics, including clicks, conversions, commissions, total cost, return on net spend, revenue, cost per click, and cost per acquisition. Plus, you can share the campaign with your team or clients to view stats in real-time.


Got questions or need assistance? Contact us through our chat function, and we’ll be happy to help. Sign up for IMAI’s campaign platform today and take your influencer marketing to the next level.