Measure creators ROI for your eCommerce campaigns .

• Accelerate eCommerce growth with’s state-of-the-art creator click and sales tracking solutions.

• Maximize your influencer marketing potential to drive sales and expand your online business.

• Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns with advanced tracking and analytics tools.

Watch Our Short Demo Video provides a complete workflow to drive sales with your influencers and provides transparent metrics to measure their impact.

Integrate with your e-commerce & marketing stack with Embed code snippet on any e-commerce site.

Accurate click & sales #tracking

• Effortlessly create and assign personalized tracking links to influencers for easy sharing on social media and digital channels.

• Real-time visibility allows you to track how your influencers are sharing your brand, giving you control and insights.

• Streamline the process of assigning unique tracking links to each influencer, accurately measuring their impact and optimizing marketing efforts.

Custom-tailored sales #attribution

• Define and customize attribution model with flexibility and precision to better understand influencers’ contribution to your sales funnel and identify the most effective channels.

• Fine-tune conversion windows to accurately assign credit and optimize attribution, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of touchpoints and their impact on your marketing efforts.

• Set commission structures to incentivize influencers based on performance, offering options such as flat fees, percentage of sales revenue, or static fees per sale, for maximizing your ROI.

#360° tracking solutions

• Accurate tracking: Our sophisticated technology enables precise tracking of clicks, conversions, and sales generated by influencers, ensuring you never miss a single conversion.

• Comprehensive monitoring: Track code-based links or coupon codes to gain detailed insights into the performance of your influencer campaigns.

• In-depth campaign analysis: Our tracking system provides you with in-depth data to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and make informed decisions.

Real-time #transparent sales reporting

• Gain a detailed view of campaign performance with in-depth metrics, including clicks, sales, ROI, conversion rates, audience demographics, and top-selling products.

• Transform complex data into easy-to-understand visuals for better insights and data-driven decision-making.

• Access a comprehensive set of tools in one place to understand, evaluate, and enhance sales performance.

Create live-links for your #influencers

• Unlock real-time performance monitoring for influencers with detailed metrics and custom-tracked links.

• Streamline influencer marketing by fostering a sense of ownership and enabling quicker campaign creation.

• Foster a thriving partnership through shared success and enhanced collaboration with Influencer LiveLinks.

#Streamline creator payouts

• Streamlined commission payment system: Easily reward influencers with our integrated commission payment system, automating the calculation and ensuring accurate payouts.

• Simplified payment process: Send payments directly from the dashboard, making it convenient and hassle-free to compensate influencers.

• Strengthened influencer relationships: Timely and accurate payouts foster stronger connections with influencers, motivating them to further promote your brand. #Pricing

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