Should I Use Instagram Bots?







Should I Use Instagram Bots?

The shiny new toys on Instagram are automation tools called bots. And they are quite popular among brands because they provide real help in doing repetitive tasks like liking comments, following/unfollowing accounts, scheduling posts and sending direct messages.

These bots can make marketing a lot easier for brands but there is a dark side of these automation tools. They could be good for quick tasks but could be detrimental to your interests in the long run. Following are the disadvantages of Instagram bots.



While it is possible to inflate the number of followers using automation tools, it is doubtful that the engagement would have any quality. It is so because the comments posted by bots are very generic in nature like “what a great picture”. It would lack the personal touch that you can give with your post.



What if you comment “looks beautiful” on a tragic post? No, you won’t do such type of mistakes but these things do happen with brands that rely much on automation tools. Bots are notorious for sending these types of inappropriate responses.


Violation of terms of use

Replying with bots could be violation of Instagram’s terms and conditions for users. Instagram automation companies don’t bother studying the terms and conditions of use before making bots. But you should be careful with using those automation tools.


Could I work without automation tools?

Yes, you could and in reality, you should. There are many ways in which you can increase your activity and user-engagement on Instagram. For example, you can hire a freelancer or a virtual assistant to manage your profile. Or you can try handling all the work on your own. It will be a little difficult but you can use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to make things easy.

Another way to boost your activity without using bots is leveraging Instagram ads. Since it is a paid method, it will create an additional burden on your marketing budget but you can do a great job with the help of these ads.