The 2023 Ultimate Guide: Find the Top 3 Health and Wellness Instagram Influencers in Veracruz

Are you looking to stay on top of the latest health trends and be inspired by the leading influencers in your area? The city of Veracruz has been leading the way in healthy lifestyle choices since 2023, boasting numerous notable influencers dedicated to inspiring their followers to embrace healthier habits. Today, we’re taking a look at the top three Instagram influencers who have made a splash in Veracruz this year.

From exercise tips to nutritious meals, these inspiring Veracruzeans have redefined what it means to live a healthy life. So, let’s get started!

Top 3 healthy lifestyle Instagram influencers from Veracruz:

1. Edith – Mexicana come plantas ? – @mexicanacomeplantas

Edith – Mexicanacomeplantas ? is a popular Instagram Influencer from Veracruz, Mexico. With over 58,000 followers, Edith regularly shares content on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Their TikTok engagements have been steadily growing, averaging 2,878 views and 1,897 average engagements per post. With a 3.27% engagement rate, Edith has become a prominent force in the wellness space.

Followers: 58,092

Engagement rate: 3.27%

Avg. engagement: 1,897

2. Alejandra Quezada – LN, MSP – @nutrialequezada

Alejandra Quezada – LN, MSP is an Instagram influencer from Veracruz who motivates us to adopt healthier lifestyle. With 6,198 followers, Alejandra’s TikTok has an average of 2878 views per video.

The engagement rate for her Instagram posts is 5.07%, and her average engagements per post are 314. Follow her at nutrialequezada and start living a healthier life today!

Followers: 6,198

Engagement rate: 5.07%

Avg. engagement: 314

3. Nutrióloga Stella Quiñonez ? – @style_nutrition

Nutrióloga Stella Quiñonez is an Instagram influencer from Veracruz, Mexico. She has a username style_nutrition and has 2,681 Followers.

Comparing with the average views of 2878 per post, across her posts and the average engagements of 122 per post, the engagement rate widens up to 4.55%. An acclaimed healthy lifestyle influencer, Stella Quiñonez helps and encourages her followers to build and follow a balanced lifestyle.

Followers: 2,681

Engagement rate: 4.55%

Avg. engagement: 122

Final Thoughts:

This shows how the social media world has truly evolved and the positive effects that the Instagram influencers of Veracruz of 2023 have had on their followers. We can see how their messages have encouraged and inspired many to adopt healthy lifestyles, which is a trend well worth seeing. By following the right influencers, you can keep yourself updated on the latest healthy trends and learn more about proper eating, fitness regimes and much more!