The Top 3 Most Engaging Instagram Influencers of Villena for Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories in 2023

Villena, Spain, certainly knows how to keep up with the ever-growing trend of fashion. With its diverse range of styles, shops and boutiques, it has become something of a Mecca for fashion lovers.

And this year, 2023, it has seen some of the most engaging clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories influencers taking over its Instagram feed. So, if you’re looking for style inspiration that’ll make sure you stay chic and trendy all year round, look no further than our top 3 influencers of Villena.

Read on to find out more about their inspiring stories and amazing style accounts!

Top 3 clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories Instagram influencers from Villena:

1. โ’พโ“‡โ’พโ“ˆ โ’ธโ“‡โ’บโ“ˆโ“…โ“„ – @irisi_ta

The Villena-based Instagram influencer โ’พโ“‡โ’พโ“ˆ โ’ธโ“‡โ’บโ“ˆโ“…โ“„, or irisi_ta, has made a name for themselves in the fashion world boasting over 1,054 followers and an impressive total of 1690397 average views per video. Each post sees an average of 165 engagements, resulting in an engagement rate of 15.65%. From individual clothes pieces to matching entire looks to stylish handbags & accessories, โ’พโ“‡โ’พโ“ˆ โ’ธโ“‡โ’บโ“ˆโ“…โ“„ is sure to keep your wardrobe up to date!

Followers: 1,054

Engagement rate: 15.65%

Avg. engagement: 165

2. Alba Ortega – @albaortest

Alba Ortega, an Instagram influencer from Villena, Spain, is an expert in clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. She boasts an impressive 1,362 followers and her posts have an average of 1,690,397 views per video, 121 engagements and 8.88% engagement rate.

With an eye for detail and impeccable fashion sense, Alba Ortegaโ€™s account is a must-visit for anyone looking to inject style and flair into their wardrobe.

Followers: 1,362

Engagement rate: 8.88%

Avg. engagement: 121

3. C L A U D I A M A R T ร N E Z – @claudygram

Claudia Martรญnez is a popular Instagram influencer from Villena, Spain. Her username (@claudygram) has 1,057 followers who enjoy her stylish pictures showcasing her fashion sense.

Her videos have impressive average viewership of 1,690,397 per video. Not to mention, her posts receive an average of 29 engagements, signifying an engagement rate of 2.74%. Whether youโ€™re looking for clothes, shoes, handbags or accessories, Claudia has got you covered!

Followers: 1,057

Engagement rate: 2.74%

Avg. engagement: 29

Closing Remarks:

Villena’s fashion scene this year was nothing short of exciting. Between the influx of celebrities, bloggers, influencers, and other trend-setting personalities, the array of colors and styles has been truly impressive.

We have spotlighted some of the most captivating influencers of today, who have risen to the top of the influencer game with their expert fashion sense. From the sleek simplicity of Maeva’s style, to the daring beauty of Leo and Lea’s unique aesthetics, their campaigns of this year have certainly demanded attention.

By unifying art and fashion, they have managed to create a distinct and impactful representation of Villena. It has been a joy to witness their growth and to follow suit with their journey.

It is safe to say that Villena has cemented its place in the modern fashion era.