The top 3 sports Instagram Influencers to Follow in Memmingen in 2023

“In the first days the lights were so bright they burned the skies
A mark on our nation’s horizon, the world was mesmerized
The youngbloods were hustling, defying all rules and regulations
No one knew what to believe; the changes seemed daunting

But then from the chaos rose three superstars
Defied every expectation, out of the darkness
Memmingen’s 2023 hottest sports Instagram influencers

Unique and energetic, daring and delightful
A brand of entertainment that takes us on a wild ride
A massive fanbase all devotedly watching from the sidelines
So, let’s take a closer look at what makes them so special.”

Top 3 sports Instagram influencers from Memmingen:

1. ECDC Memmingen Indians – @ecdcmemmingen

ECDC Memmingen Indians is a popular sports influencer on Instagram and TikTok based in Memmingen, Germany. With 6,501 followers on Instagram and 2,804 average views per TikTok, the influencer has earned a considerable spotlight in the sports community.

Furthermore, their posts average 553 engagements with an 8.51% engagement rate, making them one of the most top-reaching influencers in the area.

Followers: 6,501

Engagement rate: 8.51%

Avg. engagement: 553

2. Tanja Locher – @tanja.air3

Tanja Locher (@tanja.air3) is an up-and-coming sports Instagram influencer from Memmingen, Germany. She posts about her passion for sports, and her followership reflects this: with 1,705 followers and a 19.65% engagement rate in her posts, she is gaining traction! On TikTok, she averages 2804 views and 335 engagements per post – a great success for an emerging influencer.

Join in and start following @tanja.air3 for your daily dose of sports!

Followers: 1,705

Engagement rate: 19.65%

Avg. engagement: 335

3. Jenny – @jenny_leissing

Jenny_leissing is an Instagram Influencer from Memmingen. She has 1,271 followers. Her TikTok posts have an average of 2804 views, 214 engagements and 16.84 percent of engagement rate.

Her posts feature a range of sporting activities, inspiring her audience to stay active and motivated. She is quickly becoming a notable figure in the sporting community.

Followers: 1,271

Engagement rate: 16.84%

Avg. engagement: 214

Finishing Up:

It’s clear that Memmingen is set to be home to some of the most influential names in the sports world. As the city continues to grow, so will the reach and influence of these incredible athletes, giving Memmingen’s citizens and beyond a glimpse into the excitement and thrill of their favorite sporting activities.

With spirited personalities and inspirational stories, these 3 sports Instagram influencers have made Memmingen a sports destination of excellence, helping to drive the spectacular growth of the city in the years to come.