The Ultimate List of the Top 3 Sports Instagram Influencers in Bekasi for 2023

Itโ€™s no secret that sports Instagram influencers are quickly taking over the social media world, and with the 2023 Olympics in Bekasi quickly approaching, you might be wondering who are some of the most spectacular sports influencers gaining momentum in the Bekasi sports scene? Look no further! Here are the three most popular and sought-after sports Instagram influencers of Bekasi for 2023 โ€“ ready to win your hearts and game day energy!

Top 3 sports Instagram influencers from Bekasi:

1. “ghin or do” – @g_mawl

Ghin Or Do (โ€G_Mawlโ€) from Bekasi, Indonesia is a popular sports-themed Instagram influencer with 1,785 followers and a total TikTok average view of 58,313. On Instagram, their content typically has an average engagement rate of 39.89% with 712 engagements per post.

By mastering the harmonious yet disparate art of visuals and words, they have built an extensive audience of sports fanatics who are always eager to view their content.

Followers: 1,785

Engagement rate: 39.89%

Avg. engagement: 712


ANGGORO KIDS KEBUMEN is an Instagram influencer from Bekasi, Indonesia, focusing on sports. With a username of, this budding social media star has gained 7,295 followers, 58313 views per TikTok, and 484 average engagements per post.

Their posts have also garnered an impressive 6.63% engagement rate, establishing their profile as an emerging force to be reckoned with by avid fans!

Followers: 7,295

Engagement rate: 6.63%

Avg. engagement: 484

3. BIGREDS BEKASI – @bigredsbekasi

BIGREDS BEKASI from Bekasi is an Instagram influencer who showcases his love for sports. He has quickly gained 9,304 followers and boasts a TikTok average of 58,313 views per video.

With an average of 261 engagements on his posts and an engagement rate of 2.81%, it’s no doubt that this athlete is inspiring many to get active and stay fit.

Followers: 9,304

Engagement rate: 2.81%

Avg. engagement: 261

Last But Not Least:

We can easily state that these three Instagram influencers are certainly here to stay given the success they have achieved and the influence they have had on the sports world of Bekasi in the past year. They continue to use the platform to effectively reach out and collaborate with brands, organizations, and even other influencers to further amplify the reach.

A bright future lies ahead for them and weโ€™re sure that by 2023, theyโ€™ll be even more powerful in the sports and digital space. Keep an eye out for what theyโ€™ll do next as theyโ€™re sure to amaze us all!