TikTok Benchmarks Of Leading Businesses And Brands



TikTok Benchmarks Of Leading Businesses And Brands


TikTok continues to be a popular influencer brand platform and this is evident from the benchmark score of various businesses. Data for determining the benchmark score was collected throughout February 2020 but it gives great insights into TikTok trends.

Sports Media

Sports media accounts boast the largest numbers of followers on the influencer marketing platform. The average number of followers of a social media account is approximately 1.6 million. And the number of likes is 61,231,565. But the amazing thing is that an account posts only 535 videos on average and generates 109,162 likes per video.


It is also doing well on the white label influencer marketing platform. The top performers in this sector have 1.5 million followers on average and each account an average of 17,714,836 likes. Here you can see that television accounts have fewer followers and likes than sports media, but you should also know that television accounts have only 222 videos on average and they received 135,610 likes per video.

Pro Sports Leagues

These accounts have 1.2 million followers and 20,300,886 likes. They posted 629 videos on average and each video received 70,421 likes. NBA is the most popular of all leagues in influencer marketing search. It boasts of 9,300,000 followers and 167,084,343 likes. But they have lesser likes (59,801) per video. It could be due to posting more videos (2,794).

News and Media

Seventeen tops the news and media account on TikTok. It has 3,000,000 followers and it boasts of 12,530,854 likes for 352 videos with each video generating 35,599 likes per video. But the average number of followers of the top 20 news and media accounts is 754,035. They have an average of 12,301,922 likes for average of 248 videos with a video generating an average of 49,181 likes. And this data makes an impressive influencer marketing dashboard for any news and media account.

Download and Revenue

In February 2020, TikTok has 18 million iOS downloads and it is quite bigger than the previous months. TikTok was the most downloaded non-gaming application on the iOS platform. While its Android ranking isn’t as exciting but it is continuously rising in Google Play rankings. In revenue, TikTok raised approximately $4 million in February 2020. TikTok influencers also reported an increase in their profit.

Where do you stand in TikTok influencer marketing? Brands are making money on TikTok, and if you are still struggling to get visibility, followers, and likes then you should give a serious look to your marketing campaigns.