Top 10 most promising micro influencers of 2021


As you may now know, our social data platform allows us to easily identify the best influencers in every industry, sector, age group, country, etc. in order to find the perfect influencers for each campaign and reach the target audience. In addition, we can access all the statistics about the influencer as well as his audience.

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In today’s “TOP TEN”, we’re giving you a taste of our top 10 most promising micro-influencer,  identified thanks to our technology capabilities.

Instagram marketing is a popular trend these days, but not every business can afford to cooperate with macro influencers who have millions of followers. On the other hand, many surveys and research prove that micro-influencers are better able to reach target audiences. Therefore, marketers prefer to hire and work with multiple small influencers rather than a few big ones. This approach guarantees a better ROI and lower expenses on the marketing strategy! 💯

Do you want to find out which micro-influencers are currently at the top of their niche? Here is the answer 👇🏽: