Top 3 Pet Instagram Influencers from Wisła in 2023

Welcome to Wisła of 2023, where three of the top-tier pet influencers of the social media scene have taken centre stage!

Say hello to Loki, Simba, and Mia, Wisła’s very own household names in the world of pet social media.

Each with their own distinct style, these three are undoubtedly stars of their pet parent’s Instagram feeds – garnering sizeable followings of fans that come to watch their daily adventures unfold in real time.

From breezy summer escapades to cuddles in front of the fireplace, these loveable pooches and their adventurous antics have become a source of joy, entertainment and inspiration for pet owners across the world.

It’s time to get to know these three Instagram ‘powerhouses’ a little better to learn more about their journey and get to know why their pet parent’s are so captivated by their cuteness!

Top 3 pets Instagram influencers from Wisła:

1. Zoja & Bazyl ? – @puchata_zoja_

Puchata_zoja_ is an Instagram influencer from Wisła made up of two furry friends: Zoja and Bazyl. They have built up a following of 2,920 and have an average of 192 engagements per post.

Their TikTok boasts an average of 735,588 views and their Instagram posts carry an impressive 6.58% engagement rate. Every post from Zoja and Bazyl is always filled with love and positivity and is sure to catch your attention!

Followers: 2,920

Engagement rate: 6.58%

Avg. engagement: 192

2. ????ℕ? – @leon_britishcat_pl

????ℕ?, the pet Instagram influencer from Wisła, has gained notoriety due to their content. With 2,854 Followers and 735588 average views per TikTok, ????ℕ? has a huge reach in their posts, as well as an average engagement rate of 5.26%. Every post is met with an average engagement of 150, making ????ℕ? one of the most popular animals to follow on Instagram.

Followers: 2,854

Engagement rate: 5.26%

Avg. engagement: 150

3. ? Kokos ? – @golden_kokosek

? Kokos ?, an Instagram influencer from Wisła, is becoming a success in the pet world! With over 2,129 Followers, an average of 735,588 views per TikTok, and an impressive 125 average engagements and 5.87% engagement rate per post, ? Kokos ? is quickly gathering attention on the platform under the username golden_kokosek. ? Kokos ? is certainly one to watch in the pet influencer scene!

Followers: 2,129

Engagement rate: 5.87%

Avg. engagement: 125

The Long and Short of It:

We were deeply impressed by the incredible work that Wisła of 2023’s three renowned pets Instagram influencers have done in reshaping the pet influencer world. Following their footsteps, many more pet influencers have come forth to share their pet’s bonded stories with the world.

We congratulate the three of them on the remarkable success they have achieved and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours! Their work has provided a necessary platform to bring animal lovers and pet owners closer, while fostering a love and admiration for pets in the global community. We couldn’t be prouder of the work they have done!