Top 3 pets Instagram influencers in Burlington in 2023

As digital living becomes ever greater in our lives, and with the explosion of social media sites we are all now familiar with, the power of the influencer has become an increasingly important part of brand marketing. As spaces such as Instagram become more and more populated with content creators trying to build successful businesses through their online presence, the number of influencers dedicated to pets and animal-related content on Instagram is fast growing.

This blog post celebrates the top 3 pet Instagram influencers in Burlington, in 2023. We look at how they achieved their level of success, what makes them unique, and how they impact the pet industry in their city.

So buckle up and get ready to join us on an inspirational journey through the world of Burlington’s most prominent pet influencers!

Top 3 pets Instagram influencers from Burlington:

1. ↟Timber the Wolf↟ – @go_timber

Timber the Wolf is an influential Instagram celebrity from Burlington, Ontario. With her username go_timber, she shares adventures with her pet wolf, Timber, to over 40K followers.

Timber showcases her bond with Timber and educates on responsible wolf ownership practices. She uses her platform to raise awareness for wolf-related conservation efforts and to support her local community and animal rescue organizations.

Her posts regularly feature a variety of activities from hiking, playing, and swimming – all with her furry best friend beside her. Her rise to fame has made Timber the Wolf a recognizable name in the pet-blogging world and beyond.

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Followers: 2,213

Engagement rate: 76.55%

Avg. engagement: 1,694

2. Tiller the Dog – @tiller_the_dog

Tiller the Dog is the hottest pet influencer on Instagram, and the people of Burlington are noticing!

The lovable pooch, known as ‘Tiller’ on Instagram, has been winning hearts all over with his unique brand of humor and furry personality. With over 75,000 followers, Tiller uses his Instagram account to post fun and often silly photos and videos of himself playing with his toy collection.

His charm and wit have seen him become an internet celebrity, with popular pet brands often asking him to model for their product campaigns.

Tiller loves living life in the spotlight – the more treats and cuddles the better! Whether it’s taking a nap in his favourite spot in the garden, tackling new tricks, or meeting new fur-friends, Tiller is always up for an adventure.

His account is full of inspiring messages and engaging content, making it a must-follow resource for anyone who loves animals.

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Followers: 1,401

Engagement rate: 18.63%

Avg. engagement: 261

3. MISTER ⠀ D͟U͟M͟P͟L͟I͟N͟G – @misterdumplingcorgi

Introducing MISTER DUMPLING, the Burlington-based Instagram influencer that is sure to make your day brighter! MISTER DUMPLING is a corgi that loves to explore the outdoors and share his adventures with his followers. His Instagram page is full of adorable snapshots of his furry friends and their antics, as well as thoughtful captions about living life to the fullest.

He also uses his platform for important causes, such as rescuing animals, fighting climate change, and making sure everyone has access to good food. If you’re looking for the perfect source of inspiration, look no further than MISTER DUMPLING, with his username @misterdumplingcorgi.

Followers: 1,356

Engagement rate: 14.82%

Avg. engagement: 201

Wrap Up:

It’s been a blast recounting the three Burlington-based pet influencers who have taken Instagram by storm in 2023. Each of these furry social media stars offers an unique, captivating style that serves as a reminder of the endless potential of leveraging a powerful social media presence.

Hopefully, this blog post has provided some insight and inspiration into just a few of the wildly successful pet influencers of Burlington. Until next time!