Top 4 television & film Instagram influencers in Italy in 2023

Welcome to the future, 2023, the age of Instagram influencers! Italy has always been at the forefront of entertainment, but now the country has become a home to some of the hottest content creators and celebrities on Instagram. Weโ€™re here to bring you the top 4 television & film influencers in Italy right now! So read on, to find out whoโ€™s making waves in the Italian entertainment scene and get the inside scoop on their projects and latest updates.

Top 4 television & film Instagram influencers from Italy:

1. Christian Insisa – @chry_insi_art

Christian Insisa is a talented television and film Instagram influencer from Italy. His Instagram account, @chry_insi_art, is an inspiring showcase of his behind-the-scenes work in the film and tv industry.

His photographs are stunning, ranging from panoramic vistas of rolling Tuscan hills, to close-ups of movie sets and cast members. He also shares screenshots of his own film projects, giving insight into his creative process.

His captions offer humorous perspectives about his work and life experiences. His creative flair and wit have earned him over 16K followers, and counting.

Through his work, Christian Insisa is breaking down boundaries and uniting people in celebration of art.

Followers: 50,409

Engagement rate: 0.28%

Avg. engagement: 14,156

2. Lego_builder7815 – @lego_builder7815

Lego_builder7815 is an inspiring Instagram influencer from Italy with a passion for television and film. With nearly 45k devoted followers, Lego_builder7815 shares her take on the world of media with captivating photos and videos that hint at her travels around Europe.

From behind-the-scenes glimpses of film sets to sharing clips of new TV shows, Lego_builder7815 loves bringing her followers along on her creative journey. Her enthusiasm and knowledge for the industry is infectious, always leaving followers wanting more.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative take on the world of television and film, then Lego_builder7815 is the perfect influencer for you.

Followers: 6,884

Engagement rate: 2.06%

Avg. engagement: 14,153

3. Kibbitzer – @kibbi_the_kibbitzer

Kibbitzer is an Italian Instagram influencer and content creator who operates under the username [kibbi_the_kibbitzer]. Kibbitzer is passionate about films and television and shares her love for both through her content creation.

She posts educational and entertaining film and television reviews and guides, as well as behind the scenes insights on various productions. Kibbitzer has a deep knowledge of the film and television industry and provides viewers insight into the entertainment landscape.

Her content includes graphics and videos on directing, production design, and even video editing. With her expertise, Kibbitzer helps her followers understand the inner workings of the film and television industry.

Kibbitzer also does film analysis and incorporates her own film experiences into her reviews. Kibbitzer is the perfect social media guide for those who want to explore the depths of the film and television world.

Followers: 49,019

Engagement rate: 0.26%

Avg. engagement: 12,534

4. Agnese Innocente – @agneseinnocente

Agnese Innocente is an Italian television and film Instagram influencer who boasts a stunning following of over 500 thousand people. She has built a loyal fanbase through her exciting and often unbelievable content.

Agnese has used her platform to spotlight unknown but talented actors and film directors, producing captivating behind-the-scenes looks at the sets of cult films and television shows. As well as providing an insider look into the industry, Agnese is beloved for her charming personality and bold sense of style.

Agnese always injects her videos with an energy that is addictive, captivating, and seemingly effortless. She is especially praised for breaking barriers and bringing to light a unique Italian perspective that fans would not normally find on mainstream platforms.

Followers: 85,258

Engagement rate: 0.1%

Avg. engagement: 8,898

Wrap Up:

The world of Instagram influencers is only getting more interesting as we step into 2023, and Italy is no exception. From Giorgia Sciolla to Marta Lissiani, the top four Italian Instagram influencers have shown us the potential of being an international television and film star, leveraging social media and collaboration to reach global fame.

As we enter the new year, itโ€™s exciting to see how they will continue to innovate, influence and inspire their followers.