Top Home Decor, Furniture & Garden Instagram Influencers to Follow in 2023: 3 Spectacular Picks from Como

As the world of social media changes, so do the landscape of influencers. Como has taken bold strides this year with their latest lineup of home decor, furniture, and garden Instagram influencers! From established giants to up-and-coming experts, Como has the scoop on three spectacular influencers that will have you wanting to transform your space in no time.

Brighten your day with their exceptional decorating and styling tips. Get up-to-date on all the best furniture designs, and be inspired to create beautiful gardens.

Come along as we explore Como’s distinct selection of three stunning home decor and garden influencers!

Top 3 home decor, furniture & garden Instagram influencers from Como:

1. AG.HOMEDESIGN – @ag.homedesign.italia

AG.HOMEDESIGN is an Instagram influencer with 6,651 followers from Como, Italy. They post incredibly stylish and unique home dรฉcor, furniture, and garden pieces with an average of 7096 views per TikTok and 965 average engagements per post.

With an engagement rate of 14.51%, AG.HOMEDESIGN is a strong influencer within the home design niche. Their posts have inspired and caught the eye of many!

Followers: 6,651

Engagement rate: 14.51%

Avg. engagement: 965

2. Olga Chernobrovkina – @someartstories

Olga Chernobrovkina, or better known as @someartstories on Instagram, is an influencer from Como focusing on home decor, furniture, and gardening. With over 7,000 followers and almost 7,100 views on her videos and 214 average post engagements, her content has reached a total engagement rate of 2.93% per post.

She is a creative and inspiring individual with lots of fresh and innovative ideas to share with everyone.

Followers: 7,296

Engagement rate: 2.93%

Avg. engagement: 214

3. Ceresa architetti – @ceresaarchitetti

Ceresa architetti is an Instagram influencer from Como who specializes in home decor, furniture, and gardens. They have an impressive 2,944 followers and an average of 7,096 views per TikTok video.

On average, they see 88 post engagements and a 2.99% engagement rate on their posts. Ceresa architetti inspire people around the world with their unique design ideas and stunning visuals.

Followers: 2,944

Engagement rate: 2.99%

Avg. engagement: 88

Finishing Up:

As we enter 2023, we should take advantage of the opportunities to learn from our three spectacular home decor, furniture & garden influencers at Como. Through their many accomplishments, they have pushed the boundaries of the industry and inspired creativity in our homes and gardens.

As their journey progresses, there is no doubt that the next year will be just as spectacular, full of beautiful decor and furniture ideas that we all can benefit from. As the future of home decor, furniture & garden continues to evolve, these Instagram influencers will remain at the forefront of it as inspirational leaders and visionaries.