Top Influencers List: 3 Exceptional Pet Instagram Influencers to Follow in Zurich

In the bustling city of Zurich, Switzerland, Instagram has taken the pet community by storm. With over two million active users, the platform has become a breeding ground for pet influencers, showcasing their adorable looks and unique personalities.

While the internet is filled with cute cat and dog accounts, in 2023, these three exotic pets have taken the world by storm. Their stunning presence has captured the hearts of thousands, making them the reigning Instagram superstars of Zurich.

Behold, our furry friends with feathers, scales, and stripes. From stunning birds of paradise to exotic snakes and tigers, these animals have become the talk of the town.

So, get ready to meet the three extraordinary pets that have taken the Instagram influencer world by storm in Zurich.

Top 3 pets Instagram influencers from Zurich:

1. Janic Halioua – @janic.halioua

Janic Halioua, also known as janic.halioua on Instagram, is a well-known pet influencer from Zurich. With an impressive 11,739 followers, their reach spans far beyond just their hometown.

Janic’s presence on TikTok is also noteworthy, with an average view count of 726 per post. Their social media empire has also translated into success’s, as their posts receive an average engagement of 3,111.

Their staggering 26.5% engagement rate proves that Janic’s followers aren’t just passive followers, but rather an actively engaged community. If you’re looking for cute and entertaining pet content on social media, Janic Halioua is definitely worth a follow.

Followers: 11,739

Engagement rate: 26.5%

Avg. engagement: 3,111

2. Patrick Donini – @donini_photography

Meet Patrick Donini, the Zurich-based Instagram influencer with the username donini_photography. With a staggering follower count of 44,504, this pet-loving influencer has cemented his place in the online world.

His TikTok videos draw an average of 726 views, a testament to the infectious charm of his furry friends.

What’s more, Donini enjoys an impressive average engagement per post of 1,628 – undeniably a sign of how beloved he and his pets are to his followers. Donini’s posts currently enjoy a 3.66% engagement rate, showcasing how his captivating content never fails to enrapture an eager audience.

It’s no secret that Donini is one of the most sought-after pet influencers in the game. His thrilling content and authentic storytelling have firmly established him as a beloved icon.

Indeed, it appears that there is no limit to his appeal, and as a result, he continues to inspire countless pet lovers all over the world to follow in his paw-prints.

Followers: 44,504

Engagement rate: 3.66%

Avg. engagement: 1,628

3. Chantal Kaufmann – @atelier.chantal.kaufmann

Atelier Chantal Kaufmann is a popular pet influencer on Instagram who hails from the charming city of Zurich. With a staggering following of over 12,000 devoted fans, atelier.

chantal.kaufmann has become a prominent figure in the pet influencer industry. She posts delightful and captivating pictures of her furry friends that keep her followers engaged and entertained.

The incredible TikTok following of 726 average views per post is a testament to the appeal and reach of her content. With a fantastic average engagement rate of 12.7%, it’s evident that her audience is active and invested in her posts.

Many of her fans leave comments, likes, and shares on her photos, creating a lively and enthusiastic community around her.

Each post garners an average of 1,590 engagements, which is a testament to the impact she has on pet owners worldwide.

Her ability to connect with her audience and inspire them to interact with her posts is a testament to the charm and grace atelier.chantal.kaufmann possesses.

In conclusion, Atelier Chantal Kaufmann is a pet influencer sensation who has made a lasting impression on social media. Her unique content speaks to a vast and devoted audience, and her followers continue to grow by the day.

So, if you’re looking for some lovely, adorable pet photos to brighten your day, look no further than atelier.chantal.kaufmann.

Followers: 12,523

Engagement rate: 12.7%

Avg. engagement: 1,590


In conclusion, the Instagram pet influencer scene in Zurich is booming, and these three extraordinary pets are leading the pack. With their contagiously cute personalities and unique looks, it’s no surprise they’ve amassed a huge following in just a few short years.

Whether it’s the exotic charm of Leon the axolotl, the fierce attitude of Max the hedgehog, or the sophisticated elegance of Luna the Persian cat, these pets have certainly captured our hearts and imaginations.

But what’s most impressive about these pet influencers is their ability to create a sense of community and connection among their followers. Through their posts, they’ve inspired others to embrace their own pets’ quirks and idiosyncrasies, and to look at their pets in a whole new light.

And that, ultimately, is what makes them truly extraordinary.

As we look to the future, we can only anticipate what new and exciting pets will emerge on Instagram.

But for now, we can revel in the adorable antics of Leon, Max, and Luna, and marvel at the power of these extraordinary pets to bring us all together.