Uncover the Best Orlando-Based Activewear Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2023

When it comes to fitness and fashion, activewear is the perfect combination. Whether you’re going to the gym, running errands, or simply lounging at home, activewear offers comfort and style.

In a world where social media reigns supreme, influencers have become a powerful force in the fashion industry. It’s no secret that Instagram has become the go-to platform for fashion influencers to showcase their style and inspire their followers.

In Orlando 2023, you can find some of the most phenomenal activewear Instagram influencers.

These influencers have built a following based on their unique style, sense of fashion, and their ability to inspire through fitness. From vibrant colors to bold prints, these influencers are not afraid to push boundaries and experiment with new styles.

Their fashion-forward looks are guaranteed to leave you speechless and you will be inspired to create your own unique activewear style. Let’s take a closer look at these amazing Orlando activewear influencers.

Top 3 activewear Instagram influencers from Orlando:

1. Casa Soles Inc. – @casa_soles

Casa Soles Inc. is an activewear Instagram influencer from Orlando.

With her impressive following of over 16,000 followers, it’s no surprise that her posts are well-loved by her fans. Her TikTok has an average of 1881 views per post, while her posts garner an average of 1,835 engagements. Her engagement rate is a staggering 11.09% – a testament to her influencer status.

Her username is casa_soles, and she continues to grow in popularity each day. For anyone looking for an inspiration in the activewear world, Casa Soles Inc. is a must-follow influencer.

Followers: 16,542

Engagement rate: 11.09%

Avg. engagement: 1,835

2. Gabriela Vidal ⚽️ GV7 – @gabriela_vidal7

Gabriela Vidal, the activewear Instagram influencer from Orlando, is taking the social media world by storm. With a staggering 2,277 followers on Instagram and an average of 1881 views per TikTok, her influence is only growing stronger by the day.

But it’s not just about the numbers with Gabriela. Her content is bursting with energy and vitality, capturing the true essence of what it means to be an active and healthy individual.

Whether she’s showcasing the latest workout trends or sharing personal insights into her own fitness journey, there’s no denying that Gabriela truly embodies the “fit life” mentality.

What’s perhaps most impressive about Gabriela is her engagement rate.

With an average of 776 engagements per post and a 34.08% engagement rate overall, it’s clear that her followers are deeply invested in what she has to say. From health and fitness tips to inspirational quotes and personal anecdotes, Gabriela’s content always manages to strike a chord with her audience.

Overall, it’s not hard to see why Gabriela Vidal has become such a beloved figure in the world of activewear and fitness. With her infectious passion and dedication to healthy living, she’s an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration and motivation on your own fitness journey, be sure to check out gabriela_vidal7 on Instagram and TikTok – you won’t be disappointed!

Followers: 2,277

Engagement rate: 34.08%

Avg. engagement: 776

3. ZJ™ Ana Delgado-Roth (Anita) – @zjanadelgado

ZJ™ Ana Delgado-Roth, also known as Anita, is an influential Instagram user hailing from Orlando. She’s best known for her love for activewear and regularly posts content related to fitness and wellness.

With a following of 11,896 on Instagram and an average of 1881 views per TikTok, she reaches a sizable audience with her posts. With 305 average engagements per post and a healthy 2.56% engagement rate, it’s clear that her followers appreciate her content.

Though there isn’t much information about her personal life or fitness journey, it’s evident from her social media presence that she’s passionate about leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Followers: 11,896

Engagement rate: 2.56%

Avg. engagement: 305


In conclusion, these three activewear Instagram influencers are the epitome of dedication, perseverance, and passion for fitness. They inspire us to live our lives to the fullest and chase our dreams relentlessly.

Remember, greatness isn’t achieved overnight; it takes consistent effort, hard work, and an unwavering belief in oneself to achieve the impossible.

We hope this blog post has given you a glimpse into the world of these phenomenal women and how they’re changing the game of fitness on social media.

With their unique styles, infectious personalities, and stunning photos, they remind us that fitness can be fun, exciting, and empowering.

So, if you’re looking for some fitness inspiration, be sure to follow these three amazing influencers on Instagram.

You won’t be disappointed! As the future of activewear continues to evolve, we can’t wait to see what these phenomenal ladies have in store for us in Orlando 2023 – and beyond.

In the meantime, stay fit, stay active, and always believe in yourself.

With the right attitude, anything is possible, and you too can become a fitness icon in your own right!