Uncovering the Future of Music YouTube: 4 Must-Know Influencers from Wingecarribee in 2023

From deep in the heart of Wingecarribee, a town with strong ties to music, comes a revolution. In 2023, four remarkable musical influencers, who have each garnered their own huge following of devoted fans, have began to make their unique mark on the YouTube scene.

With a combination of pure, unadulterated talent, and an eye for the cutting edge, these four creators have become some of the most influential voices in the modern music landscape. Get ready to explore the inimitable sounds, incredible journey, and future musings of the Wingecarribee’s four musical mavericks.

Top 4 music YouTube influencers from Wingecarribee:

1. James Lee – @jameslee03

James Lee is a music YouTube influencer from Wingecarribee, Australia. With the username jameslee03, he has attracted 661,000 followers. His videos typically average out at over 500,000 views and around 67,000 engagements, achieving a rate of 10.2%. His channel has become extremely popular, continuously engaging his audience with the wide variety of musical content he offers.

Subscribers: 661,000

Engagement rate: 10.2%

Avg. engagement: 67,441

Avg. views: 521,951

2. The Brandon Vu – @Jeffatonians

The Brandon Vu (aka “Jeffatonians“) is a popular YouTube music influencer based in Wingecarribee with over 514,000 subscribers. When comparing their engagement rate to other influencers, their success is evident with an average of 2482631 views per video and 163,379 average engagements per post, making for an impressive 31.79% engagement rate.

The Brandon Vu is definitely one to watch, and his audience continues to grow!

Subscribers: 514,000

Engagement rate: 31.79%

Avg. engagement: 163,379

Avg. views: 2,482,631

3. Retro – @pokeretro1

Retro is a popular music YouTube influencer based in Wingecarribee. With an impressive 224,000 subscribers, their videos are watched 1956013 times on average and their posts generate an average of 76,750 engagements each.

This works out to an incredible engagement rate of 34.26% – an impressive feat! Retro’s username is pokeretro1 and they are growing in popularity every day.

Subscribers: 224,000

Engagement rate: 34.26%

Avg. engagement: 76,750

Avg. views: 1,956,013

4. Jackson Field – @AModernShadeOfBlue

Jackson Field, or AModernShadeOfBlue as he is known online, is a music YouTube influencer from Wingecarribee. With a remarkable 499,000 subscribers, Jackson has amassed a staggering 1690397 average views per video, along with 161,308 average engagements per post and a 32.33% engagement rate – an impressive number for an influencer in his field.

His music has clearly struck a chord with his followers.

Subscribers: 499,000

Engagement rate: 32.33%

Avg. engagement: 161,308

Avg. views: 1,690,397

The Long and Short of It:

We’ve seen that the upcoming music talent from Wingecarribee continues to grow with every new year, and it looks like 2023 brings yet another batch of groundbreaking performers. Our four YouTube influencers have shown us that amazing music isn’t bound by geographical barriers; no matter where you come from, hard work will lead to great things.

From creative sounds and incredible talent, they have certainly laid the foundation for a thrilling future of music โ€“ a future we should all be looking forward to with eager excitement!