What Are Your Concerns With Instagram Checkout Feature?




What Are Your Concerns With Instagram Checkout Feature?

Instagram Checkout has converted Instagram into an influencer marketing marketplace. It is a two-step process to convert followers into buyers and it works well for every business.

Let’s understand the Checkout feature in detail

It allows direct buying from brands on Instagram without checking out from the app. Brands post shoppable posts for users to buy products and the service is provided by the influencer marketing platform.

First launched in March 2019 for selected brands, Instagram Checkout is going mainstream now. The influencer brand platform is fast becoming an e-commerce platform. And the experts are quite excited about this feature.

Dan Gardner, CEO of digital creative agency Code and Theory said that brands would use Instagram Checkout as another meaningful way to increase their influencer outreach.

Mike Karanikolas, co-founder and co-chief executive officer of early adopter Revolve, said that Instagram Checkout was a big part of the companyโ€™s business and that they were excited about the long-term opportunity to convert fake Instagram followers.

Is Instagram Checkout advantageous for everyone?

While big brands are excited about this feature and they want to tap the extra opportunities available for the early adopters of the feature but it isn’t for everyone. For example, some brands might be concerned about the 5% selling fee charged by the influencer platform.

Also, there is no model suggested for content creators and the influencers are left to look for ways to charge an extra amount for giving sales in the absence of an influencer marketing affiliation model.

Tips to make more sales with Instagram Checkout

The Checkout feature on the Instagram app has been rolled out and it will drive more sales for businesses but you need to look for more influencer marketing tools to make Instagram Checkout feature work for you.

  1. Consistently add product tags to every post to provide ample options to your followers to shop from your influencer marketing dashboard.
  1. Sharing exclusive product launches on Instagram is also a great way to drive more sales. For example, a 24-hour preview of the products to be launched could be a great help in influencer advertising.
  1. Try different shopping tools available on Instagram to push sales. Check how YouTube influencers are doing and following in their footsteps.
  1. Instagram allows artists, creators, and celebrities to add shopping tags to their posts. You can find Instagram influencers for collaboration to drive your sales.
  1. Use shoppable Instagram Stories stickers to drive sales. It is like providing a direct route from social media influencer marketing to buy your products.