What Makes Spotify The Right Place For Influencer Marketing Affiliation?

Spotify is a bigger influencer marketing marketplace and this is evident from its growth and expansion. Today, it is the largest audio platform catering to the music needs of millions of users across the globe.

Quick facts about Spotify:

  • 217 active monthly users (MAU) make it the world’s largest audio platform
  • Spotify users spend an average of 25 hours a month on it and 44% are daily active users
  • MAU of Spotify grew by 26% YoY Q1 of 2019
  • Spotify’s One-third of the total listening time is user-generated content

The above facts are more than sufficient to prove that Spotify is a bigger influencer brand platform and that you should be present on Spotify if you are interested in taking your brand a step ahead of others.

More facts about Spotify:

  • 36% of Spotify users come from Europe followed by North America (29%), Latin America (22%), and 13% from the rest of the world
  • 39% of Spotify users are below 30 years of age
  • 23% of males and 20% females in the US use Spotify

If you are targeting millennial users or you are target market is in Europe or you are targeting a section of males and females then you have to be on Spotify. It is the right influencer marketing reporting for your business.

Advertising opportunities in Spotify

Playlists: Spotify boasts of over 2 billion playlists including Spotify-curated and user-generated. You can take advantage of user-generated content for social media influencer marketing as here you get more freedom to experiment with your marketing ideas.

Spotify Stories: Similar to Instagram and Facebook Stories, it is a news feature on Spotify. You can make short videos or audios that targeted users can tap on to view and move to the next. Experienced b2b tech influencers can keep their audiences engaged for a long time with Spotify Stories.

Sponsored Playlists: Brands can sponsor influencer platform-recommended playlists and customize the playlists for greater impact on the targeted audiences. Also, Spotify has an AI engine to make playlists.

Podcasts: Spotify provides another avenue for influencer advertising. Podcasts are popular and Spotify is looking for ways to insert targeted ads in them. Spotify will use the Streaming Ad Insertion technology to serve ads matching with taste, location, and age of the targeted audiences.

Spotify that used to be just another platform on social media has become a white label influencer marketing platform for brands and business. And if you aren’t marketing on Spotify, you are making room for your counterparts to grow.