What Should You Know About Instagram Reels Feature?



What Should You Know About Instagram Reels Feature?

Instagram Reels resemble TikTok in many ways. They are short and crisp videos but you can do more with these quick videos on Instagram. This influencer marketing platform allows more freedom than TikTok.

Letโ€™s check what liberties you have with Instagram Reels and how is this feature beneficial in Influencer seeding

A short intro of Instagram Reels

Just like Tiktok influencers make videos, Instagram users can also record short videos of about 15-30 seconds long and share those videos to their stories, Explore Feed, and the Reels on their profiles.

Instagram has Reels featuring at the center of the main navigation bar. It is a new update done to push the users towards using Reels more often. Also, the Reels tab is made more inclusive to allow users to view videos from accounts they follow and from popular and trending accounts in influencer marketing search as well.

Instagram is quite serious in its approach towards promoting Reels and it is evident from the fact that the Reels tab is provided a creation entry point that activates the Reels camera. Also, Reels are available on the Explore Page. It seems that the influencer brand platform wants to provide an alternative to TikTok.

Before you explore the advantages of Instagram Reels, check what you can do with these videos

Like TikTok, you can tap any music, you like, and select โ€œUse Audioโ€ to tap the music. But it might not work for your account. Instagram Reels music feature is available on selected accounts but you can make your music or edit the video outside of the Instagram Reels. Or look for more influencer marketing tools to make an interesting video.

Also, Instagram offers many video editing tools like adding a countdown timer to a video, adjusting speed, and choosing an effect from a library of effects available on the influencer platform.

Instagram allows making Reels in real-time or using pre-edited videos saved on your mobile. Also, you have a choice of Instagram stickers to use on the videos that you want to upload in Reels and increase your influencer outreach.

Instagram has certain conditions for using Reels

The videos should be entertaining, educative, and inspiring for viewers. Only vertical videos are allowed and blurry videos would be deleted from the Reels. The videos shouldnโ€™t be covered with borders and the images shouldnโ€™t be covered with texts. You should go through Instagramโ€™s Community Guidelines to know how to use the Reels for white label influencer marketing.