When Should You Make Your Instagram Posts In 2021?




When Should You Make Your Instagram Posts In 2021?

Instagram is prioritizing “new” content on users’ feeds and if you can find the right time, when your targeted audiences are available online, to make your posts, you can increase influencer outreach.

A random study of Instagram posts of various accounts from hundreds to million followers suggests that 9 am to 11 am EST is the best time for influencer advertising but it is a general idea that may not be the best time for your business.

So, how do you know which is the right time to make Instagram posts?

Luckily many tools can help find the time during which you can find most of your audiences online and searching their feeds

Later’s Best Time to Post is an ideal tool as it suggests 7 best times to post on Instagram so you schedule your content in advance and post without fail.

Instagram influencer insight can also be used to find the best time when most of your followers are online.

You can experiment with your posts to find the best time to post and track the performance of your experimental posts on a spreadsheet.

These tools will suggest the time when your posts perform well and it will be based on the study of your best performing posts in recent months. If you want to be more specific on timing, you need to do more influencer marketing search.

While using a tool is the most convenient way of finding the best time for an Instagram post, but you can dig deeper to get more insight on the right time to make your posts

Option 1: Divide your audiences into different time zones

You should research your followers to find their location, age, gender, and the time when they are active on Instagram. The good thing is that you have influencer marketing tools like Instagram Insights to get the data. Also, you can access Instagram Creator Studio Dashboard to get more valuable insights about your followers.

Option 2: Make experimental posts

Make an Instagram calendar and schedule your posts at different timings. Also, make a spreadsheet for influencer marketing reporting of your posts. Enter every detail like how many likes and comments your posts made to find the time in which your posts get the highest number of likes and comments.

If you can find the right time to make your Instagram posts, you can hack the Instagram algorithm to increase your influencer seeding and get maximum advantage of Instagram marketing.