Who’s Making Waves in Beauty & Cosmetics on Instagram in Bloomington for 2023?

Welcome to Bloomington, the bustling city of 2023 and home to some of the most talented and inspiring Instagram influencers in the beauty and cosmetics community! From stunning makeup looks to trend-setting skincare tips, these talented women are the face of the industry, providing the latest and greatest in beauty products and advice. Get to know the three of Bloomington’s greatest beauty stars: [Influencers], and find out why theyโ€™re inspiring thousands every day with their beauty grace, aesthetic vision and fashion-forward advice.

Top 3 beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencers from Bloomington:

1. Nails By Lanae LLC – @nailsbylanae

Nails By Lanae LLC is a beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencer from Bloomington with a username nailsbylanae. With over 21,759 followers, they have an average of 64,450 views per TikTok and an average of 1,881 engagements per post, showing an impressive 8.64% engagement rate! They specialize in nails and cosmetics, and showcase their latest looks with colorful posts.

Followers: 21,759

Engagement rate: 8.64%

Avg. engagement: 1,881

2. The Mane Artistry Salon – @themaneartistrysalon

The Mane Artistry Salon, a Bloomington-based beauty and cosmetics Instagram influencer, has a TikTok presence with 4,935 followers and an average of 64450 views per post. Their Instagram posts have been popular, with an average of 439 engagements across posts and an impressive 8.9% engagement rate.

From classic pieces to the latest trends, they have the skillset and creativity to make each of their clients shine!

Followers: 4,935

Engagement rate: 8.9%

Avg. engagement: 439

3. James Edwards Grooming Co. – @thejamesedwards

James Edwards Grooming Co. is an Instagram influencer from Bloomington, with the username thejamesedwards.

With 1,229 followers, James Edwards Grooming Co. draws an average of 64450 views for every TikTok and an average of 115 engagements for each post.

With an impressive 9.36% engagement rate in their posts, James Edwards Grooming Co. is a go-to account to follow if you’re into beauty and cosmetics.

Followers: 1,229

Engagement rate: 9.36%

Avg. engagement: 115

Closing Remarks:

2023 has proved to be an amazing year of beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencers in Bloomington, each with their own unique appeal that has captivated audiences far and wide. From the fabulous Kylie Rose and trendsetting Leah Rice to the originality of Kasey Murray, these 3 stylish ladies have all showcased the power of why this part of the world has become an important destination for leading beauty and makeup ideas.

Bloomington has shown that the spotlight and recognition of the world’s top beauty influencers can come from anywhere and nowhere is it more evident than here! Whether youโ€™re traveling, shopping or just exploring the latest beauty trends, take the time to explore what these amazing women are offering and you wonโ€™t be disappointed!