Why Do You Need A Social Media Monitoring Strategy?

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For some, social media outreach is limited to simply creating and posting content but little do they know that the real work starts after the content is posted. It is called social media monitoring or social listening.

The objective of social listening is to track the conversations that are in any way related to your brand or industry or product. The objective of social listening is to notice relevant content and respond to it quickly.

For example, you find your brand mentioned in a tweet. On further digging, you find that the tweet was regarding an article by your brand. Second thing is that Twitter is really a great platform to generate and the third, is that the Twitter user could be a potential customer.

The following are the important factors that can help in social media monitoring. But it is you who need to decide which factor to choose and what things to look at or monitor.


Brand mentions

Not a single tweet, post, or comment with your brand with or without @ or # should get missed by your eyes. Also, you should even notice the names that match with your brands as they could be misspelled by searchers. You should check the intention of tweets like success or potential crisis to strategize your marketing.


Matching terms

Not everyone would know your brand but they could be closer to your brand. For example, take McDonald’s. People looking for burger joints will search “where I can eat burgers” instead of McDonald’s. If the brand is optimized for the keyword “burger”, it will certainly have the advantage over others.


Customer queries

Today’s smart customers make decisions only after getting satisfactory answers to their queries and they give little time to brands to react. If you aren’t alert about the queries of your customers then you will certainly miss the opportunities. The best thing you can do is to set up an inbox in the social media you use most and keep checking the inbox for customer queries.



Keeping checking on your competitors to know how they are doing on social media. It is necessary because the keywords you are optimizing your brand for might show up in your competitors. You need to implement unique marketing tactics, ideas, and customer feedback to build your campaigns.


Customer sentiment

It is only after studying the sentiments of your customers that you will be able to understand what is preventing them from embracing your brand. They will tell what they expect from your brand and how short are you of fulfilling their desires.





Importance of social media monitoring


Social media monitoring is the process of tracking conversations that are happening on social media platforms in order to gain insight into public opinion. It is an important tool in understanding and engaging with your target audience, as well as building a more comprehensive understanding of your brand’s popularity and influence.

By monitoring conversations about your brand and industry, you can gain a better understanding of what people are saying about you, your products, and your services in real time. This way you can quickly and easily address any issues or problems that might be developing.

Social media monitoring also allows you to quickly identify opportunities to capitalize on trends and create campaigns that are relevant to your audience. By tracking conversations about your brand, you can collect data about customer interests and behaviors. This helps you to tailor your marketing strategy to the specific needs and interests of your target audience.

Finally, social media monitoring provides an opportunity to identify influencers and build relationships with them. It is important to have strong relationships with bloggers, celebrities, and key influencers so that they can help to spread the word and credibility of your brand. With social media monitoring, you can track conversations to identify potential influencers and build long-lasting relationships with them.



Use Imai to find and analyze social media influencers


Imai platform interface



Imai is a software platform that helps businesses find and analyze social media influencers. It enables businesses to search through millions of influencers and their accounts to find the perfect match for their needs.

To use Imai to find and analyze social media influencers, first sign up for Imai and create an account. On the home page, click on the “Discover Influencers” tab to start your search.

In the search tool, you can choose a specific topic, geographic region, follower count, or other metrics of interest to narrow down your search results. You can customize your search with various filters to find influencers that meet your criteria.

Next, use theAnalyze tab to evaluate the influencers that youve found. Here, you can see detailed insights into each influencer’s reach, engagement, and other metrics. You can use these insights to understand how each influencer may impact your brands performance.

Finally, you can use theEngage tab to connect with influencers and create campaigns with them. Here, you can negotiate agreements, set payment terms, and track the performance metrics of each campaign.

Using Imai makes it easy to find and analyze social media influencers. With its powerful search tools and detailed analytics, you can quickly find and evaluate influencers that best fit your needs and create campaigns that maximize your reach and engagement.



Frequently asked questions about Social Media Monitoring Strategy


Q1: What is a Social Media Monitoring Strategy?

A1: A social media monitoring strategy is a plan of action for keeping track of conversations and interactions taking place on different social media platforms. It involves setting up monitoring tools, tracking key metrics, and analyzing data to gain insights into trends, sentiments, and customer behaviors.


Q2: Why is it Important to Have a Social Media Monitoring Strategy?

A2: A social media monitoring strategy is important because it allows businesses to better understand their customers and monitor potential problems. It can also provide valuable insights into customer behavior and sentiment, helping businesses to develop better strategies to improve their services and products.


Q3: What are the Benefits of a Social Media Monitoring Strategy?

A3: The benefits of a social media monitoring strategy include improved customer service, better engagement and customer retention, increased brand recognition, and more effective marketing campaigns. It can also help businesses to uncover new opportunities for growth and gain valuable insights about their customer base.


Q4: How Do I Create a Social Media Monitoring Strategy?

A4: To create a successful social media monitoring strategy, you will need to set specific goals, identify and monitor relevant keywords, set up monitoring tools, and use analytics to track and analyze data. You will also need to set up a system to respond to customer inquiries and measure the effectiveness of your monitoring efforts.