Why Should You Start Promoting Your Business With Facebook Stories?



Why Should You Start Promoting Your Business With Facebook Stories?

Itโ€™s high time you start using Facebook Stories for white label influencer marketing because Facebook is no longer displaying marketing content on News Feeds and it has decreased the organic reach of brands. But creating and sharing content on Facebook Stories could give similar results.

Why Facebook Stories?

Located right at top of the Facebook app, Facebook Stories get more eyeballs and attention than regular posts that appear on peopleโ€™s feeds. And Facebook assigned the prime real estate to Stories because it wants brands to increase their influencer outreach and strengthen their relationship with their audiences.

Today, there are over 500 million daily active users on Facebook Stories, and their number is expected to grow in 2021. But it is still low enough to allow brands like you to increase their organic reach like any other influencer marketing platform.

Another advantage of Facebook Stories is that it allows cross-promoting Instagram Stories into Facebook. In other words, it is easier to share interesting content on both platforms. And it will be a big boost to your influencer marketing search.

Advantages of Facebook Stories

  1. Freedom to record your stories

Facebook provides total liberty to create and share your story from your computer, Facebook app, Facebook Lite, and even the Facebook Messenger app. These will become your influencer marketing tools and the stories will remain visible to the selected audience for 24 hours.

  1. Custom buttons

Facebook allows adding custom links in Stories. For example, take โ€œSee Moreโ€ to encourage viewers to click for more information. Also, you can use call-to-action buttons like โ€œShop Nowโ€, โ€œBuy Nowโ€, โ€œGet Directionsโ€, and โ€œLearn Moreโ€ to direct the viewers to take a specific according to your influencer advertising campaigns.

  1. Story tracking through Facebook analytics

You can see the performance of your stories like the number of views, users who viewed the content, and which stories have the maximum views and which have the minimum. You can get all this information on influencer marketing stat available on the eye icon in the bottom left-hand corner of each story.

So, you have tons of reasons for using Facebook Stories and if you are ready to write your story and share it, on your influencer marketing dashboard then you should prepare a detailed strategy for Facebook Stories.

Making a story isnโ€™t a rocket-science but you should know what to post, how often to post, and when is the right time to make a post to take advantage of the popularity of this influencer brand platform.