3 Important Hacks For TikTok Marketing

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3 Important Hacks For TikTok Marketing

If you want to learn the best marketing strategies for TikTok then you should learn from brands that are doing quite well on this video sharing platform. They have many things to share but they focus on the following three factors.

  1. Influencer re-targeting


Every TikTok user is an influencer to some degree because TikTok focuses more on the quality of content instead of count of followers. For this reason, there are more influencer communities than other social media channels. Also, you should remember that TikTok lovers recognize communities and influencers instead of brands.

Brands that work without influencers end up losing their time, investment and efforts. There are no returns as targeted people don’t indemnity brands that have faces. The brands must appear as peers instead of intruders. It is where they need influencer marketing.

  1. Create narrative led content


People find social media like YouTube and TikTok more interesting than the traditional television. And it is important for brands to understand the similarity between TV and social media channels. On TikTok, content is distinguished with hashtags that people use to like, follow and share videos. But every video should leave the viewers guessing and waiting about the next video.

For example, take the “30-day workout challenge” that is a huge popular on TikTok. The hashtag gathers more attention as the TikTok boosts the video to allow it to reach to more people.

  1. Leveraging existing trends


Sitting before TV and doing nothing isn’t the kind of entertaining Generation Z loves. They love action, adventure, singing, dancing, cooking and doing many things. And it is the latest trend in TikTok. Here people re-enact comedy skits and memes for fun and education.

For brands, the thing to see is the latest trend and follow that trend to take their messages to the targeted audiences. There are many case studies that show how brands leveraged the existing trends in pursuance of their marketing goals.