Facebook Influencer Marketing Platform

Facebook influencer marketing platform sees over 2.5 billion active monthly users following influencers for information and entertainment. And it is heartening to know that over 70% of Facebook users are interested in knowing about new launches, discounts, and events as compared to other platforms.

InfluencerMarketing.ai can connect you to influencers, streamers, and content creators on Facebook. Also, we will provide comprehensive data including demographics, niche markets, followers, engagement rate, and growth of influencers, so you can make a data-driven decision on the content creators.

Set Your #Marketing Objectives

The first step in the Facebook influencer marketing platform is to set your goals. Decide what kind of action you want to take and what result do you expect. It could be increasing engagement or boosting conversions, or expanding your reach. Influencers can do magic with their content, but you need to be specific in your objectives.

InfluencerMarketing.ai can help find the right content creator that can push your brand through the competitive market. Explore our huge database to see which influencer is commanding more followers and which streamer has more engagement with his followers. Also, you can filter the results to get specific details like growth rate.


This is arguably the most important part of the Facebook influencer marketing platform and much depends on your ability to find the right content creator to lead your social media marketing campaigns. Here the first thing to consider is the details of your targeted audiences like their age group, gender, and profession.

InfluencerMarketing.ai keeps track of all influencers, streamers, and content creators on Facebook and arranges its findings in a data format for the convenience of businesses like you. And the data is provided through an interactive dashboard what makes it easier to filter the data to get specific information about influencers.

Outreach And Campaign #Planning

Get ready with a business proposal for the Facebook influencer marketing platform and send it to the selected influencers. Make your proposal as lucrative as possible so the content creators become interested in working with your brand. Discuss marketing ideas, budget, compensation, and expectations with influencers to prepare a roadmap for a long-term relationship.

InfluencerMarketing.ai can help in making a data-driven decision on collaborating with an influencer that has the followers that you want to target. Explore our data to know more about content creators so you can prepare a lucrative proposal keeping their strengths and expectations in mind.

Performance #Optimization

Keeping track of your performance is also an important part of the Facebook influencer marketing platform. Since no marketing plan is perfect, you need to be careful about the performance of your marketing efforts. You need to tweak your strategy till you connect with the targeted audiences and get desired results.

InfluencerMarketing.ai is here to help in performance optimization. Our database would show how influencers are doing; what is their engagement rate, and whether their followers are growing or stagnant. Also, you can get the data on your dashboard, so you don’t have to struggle to filter specific information from the database.

Go Beyond Simple #Marketing

Use Facebook influencer marketing platform to create a mutually beneficial partnership with content creators instead of simply buying the content. Influencers will promote your brand only when they feel an emotional attachment to your brand. And it is possible only when you make an informed decision on your choice of content creators.

InfluencerMarketing.ai can support your decisions with its database. You can turn to us to get an insight on influencers so you know which influencer you should collaborate with and what results to expect. Also, we will keep you updated about the performance metrics of your marketing campaigns.

Measure Your Success On #Facebook

Adding more influencers to your brand is an indication increased popularity and reach of your brand. Content creators on the InfluencerMarketing.ai influencer marketing platform are doing a commendable job and adding influencers to your marketing campaigns is a great idea to put a firm foot in the competitive social media market.

You will need our help in every step from influencer discovery to determining performance metrics and from optimizing the performance of your ad campaigns to fostering a long-term relationship with influencers. InfluencerMarketing.ai is here to provide real help in every step and support your decisions with the latest data.