#Live Client Reporting Dashboard

Still sending excel sheets and campaign KPIs to your clients manually? Donโ€™t waste any more time with InfluencerMarketing.ai. Add incredible value with your own powerful influencer analytics dashboard to confidently track KPIs and uncover hidden treasures.

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โ€ข Measure campaign success across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube instantly.

โ€ข Simplify the process of measuring campaign performance within minutes.

โ€ข Effortlessly track and evaluate campaign success across multiple platforms.

All your #KPIs are a click awayโ€‹

โ€ข Gather all relevant KPIs to evaluate your Performance, Exposure, Engagement, Earned media value, and much more.

โ€ข Gain comprehensive insights into your performance metrics, exposure levels, engagement rates, and earned media value.

โ€ข Access a wide range of KPIs to effectively evaluate and analyze your performance, exposure, engagement, and earned media value.

Dedicated #interface
or Your Clientsโ€‹

โ€ข Provide clients with their own login for real-time access to campaign data and results.

โ€ข Empower agencies to grant clients access to monitor their campaign progress.

โ€ข Enhance client-agency collaboration through transparent and immediate data sharing.

Calculate #unique

โ€ข Evaluates audience overlap between influencers.

โ€ข Determines potential unique reach of influencers.

โ€ข Provides insights on audience reach and overlap for effective targeting.


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