Gaming Influencer Marketing & Gaming Sponsorships

The Popularity of gaming has made it a new form of marketing. The “Gen Z” disapproves of the traditional forms of advertising as it lacks action. They need gaming sponsorships that provide entertainment and information. They aren’t averse to branding but they don’t want to get spoon-fed by brands.

Influencers can play a crucial role in connecting your brand to the millennials that listen to the influencers. Streamers leverage live video content like real-time interactions to increase engagement with loyal audiences. Their followers made up mostly of youngsters make streamers strategic partners for brands. And can help find the right streamer for your brand.

Set Your Campaign #Goals

Before starting gaming influencer marketing, you need to set the goals of your campaigns. Your goals will decide which streamer should you collaborate with and what type of content would do justice with your brand. Are you focusing on brand awareness, or do you want to push a specific product in the market, or do you want to reach out to new customers? can help find the right streamer that has the skills and followers you need to achieve your objectives. You can search our influencer database where you can easily find your streamer. We provide comprehensive data about location, followers, engagement rate, and influence over followers to help make data-driven decisions.

Choose Your
#Marketing Platform

With 41.5 million users, Twitch seems the best platform for offering gaming sponsorships. But it isn’t the only platform you can target as others including YouTube and Facebook are fast recording substantial growth in the number of audiences. But Twitch still leads the market with 9.6 million creators that influence millions of users.

Find information about all leading and upcoming streamers on that is a leading influencer tool. Streamers are active on every platform but you shouldn’t choose a creator blindly as it is only a data-driven decision that can give expected results. If you want to increase your reach, then you should collaborate with a creator with a large following.

Collaborate With The Best #Influencers

For gaming influencer marketing, you need to collaborate with the creators whose followers are your potential customers. Keep your needs in mind like the age and gender of your audiences while choosing creators. Also, study what type of content your targeted audience would like most. Finally, you should check the performance metrics of streamers to determine their investment value. can provide the followers’ data and performance metrics of streamers. We have the most comprehensive data of streamers and we keep the data updated with the latest figures and numbers. Also, you can easily explore the data and dig deeper to make a data-driven decision.

Invite Influencers To Promote Your #Brand

Content creators are quite choosey about gaming sponsorships because they want to partner with the brands that help them in increasing their followings. You can contact the creators personally and give reasons to work with them. Also, you can share the content that impressed you most. can give data related to followers and the engagement rate of the creators. The data will help in studying the followers and picking the streamer that can help your brand with its content strategy. When you have relevant data, you can do a detailed study to find the right streamer.

Make A Value #Proposition

Make an exciting offer to influencers to attract them towards your brand. For gaming influencer marketing, you can offer product samples or giveaways for their followers. Also, you will need to pay fees to creators working on your brand. It will be an added investment but it will give a huge return on investment.

Collaborating with streamers can add value to your brand building and efforts to reach out to the targeted audiences. And you can find the right streamer to collaborate with the help of . It will be a data-driven decision as we have built a large database of influencers.

Get ready for a long-term partnership for gaming sponsorship and to reap long-term benefits. Social media marketing will build your online reputation that will have a direct impact on your sales and profit. It will give you an edge over others and keep your business trending on social media.