Influencer search & analytics

You can’t just blindly pick a brand advocate and hope for the best. 

Make informed data-driven decisions, with IMAI Discovery. 

Find The Perfect Target Audience

No matter how specific your search or whether it is on Instagram, Youtube or Tiktok, we’ll make sure you have all you need to get it done – including female influencers with a 60% vegan male-skewed audience in Ireland, and everything in-between.

Search by the influencer features

Find the perfect influencer based on location, followers, engagement, topics of influence, and so much more. Even undercover the AR effect influencers

Make data-driven decisions

Dig deep into demographic and psychographic data to fully understand influencers and their audience.

Suspicious follower verification

Weed out wannabes with fake and ghost follower analysis with our powerful solution.

Take a peek

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your chosen influencer, from audience metrics to interests, past collabs, and more.

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