Budget Friendly Influencer Marketing Tools For All Needs



Budget Friendly Influencer Marketing Tools For All Needs

Viral video content can do magic in social media influencer marketing and the good thing is that you can create amazing content with unmatched quality with the help of simple tools.

Here’s a list of influencer marketing tools you can take advantage of and produce the content that stands out.

Recording equipment

Use these simple tools while making content for the Instagram influencer brand platform. They can help in different ways like providing bright light and creating attractive backgrounds.

Ring Light: It is a tripod combo that will allow you to control the lighting situation for your videos.

Softbox Lighting Kit: This kit can transform any place into a professional studio.

Backdrops: It can fulfill your wish of giving desired backdrops to your videos.

Phone accessories

Leading influencer marketing companies recommend using the following phone accessories instead of packing your phone with bulky apps.

Stylus Pen: Use it for drawing with your finger on Instagram Stories.

Smartphone Camera Lenses: Get everything from a fisheye perspective to macro views with these smart lenses.

Selfie Ring Light Clip: It is a very useful hack for on-the-go-recording and it works well even on the gloomiest of days.

Editing apps

There is an app for everything from creating animated Instagram Stories to one-click photography edits. Use these apps for the best influencer marketing.

Lumafusion and Mojo for Video: Lumafusion could help in speed, dimensions, and audio edits. Mojo is for adding dynamic text options and unique visual templates to the videos.

LightRoom, Tezza, and Color Story: Use LightRoom for batch edit multi photos at one go; Tezza for mobile-only editing and Color Story to get more filter options.

Audiograms: This app can chart sound frequencies in real-time to pair with the dynamic image of the person talking with subtitles.

Social media management

As a content creator, you need to work in different capacities like creative director, social media manager, and photographer. You can use apps to increase your influencer outreach.

Later: It is an awesome tool for planning, scheduling, and auto-publishing content.

Stock Asset Resources: Get stock assets for quick content production.

Graphic design

It is difficult to produce compelling designs without taking the help of an app. And there are plenty of graphic design apps suggested by b2b tech influencers.

Creative Market: Get tons of different fonts, photos, graphics, and templates to produce creative content.

Canva: It is a drag-and-drop application with plenty of pre-made templates for Instagram.