Several years ago, LDRS GROUP decided to invest in technology and developed IMAI, a comprehensive influencer marketing automation B2B SAAS, enabling full management of any influencer marketing campaigns. This technology is divided into four distinct platforms: the discovery, the client dashboard, the influencer app and the backend.

The backend is the agency interface of the LDRS GROUP execution platform. A project manager can control an entire campaign using this platform.

The campaign management section of the backend is arguably the most important. From it, you can create a brief and send it to the corresponding influencers, manage influencer recruitment, manage campaign content and provide all campaign KPIs in real time.

Here are the steps to take to create a campaign:

Create the campaign🧑🏼‍🎨

Write down your customer details in the system, create an account for your customer with all the information about him and enter the details of your contact person.

 Campaign details🕵🏼

Fill in the first information you have about the campaign: the name of the campaign, the campaign manager, the platforms used for the campaign and the campaign region(s).

Brief settings📃

First, fill in the financial details of the campaign: the campaign budget and how much will be spent on the influencer, the value of the PPE, and whether the campaign includes freebies. Then add a campaign timeline and visuals: the campaign start and end dates as well as the cover including the brand logo. Finally, add the basic settings for influencers.

Brief description 📝

Describe the campaign adding details about the goals, brand and activity as well as everything influencers need to do to run the campaign.

Manage campaign 🙆🏽

Once all the campaign details have been filled in, you can invite the relevant influencers you would like to work with. But, before the campaign can officially start, the customer must approve the selected influencers and the content they have created.

Start campaign 🎬

As the campaign unfolds, customers get an overview of the progress of the campaign: which influencer completed the entire project, real time results, etc.