Finding Customers In The Booming Gaming Industry




Finding Customers In The Booming Gaming Industry

The gaming industry revenue for 2020 was predicted to be around $120 billion and it is a huge amount that makes this industry a fertile ground for influencer advertising.

A leading market insights platform specializing in gaming, Newzoo, predicts a 7.3% YoY growth for the gaming industry. But 2020 was the year when brands were re-assigning their budget for social media influencer marketing. And gaming was uncharted territory for them.

What brands could find in the gaming industry?

Statista puts the number of gamers over 2.6 billion and this number is growing with each passing day. It further states that half of the total gamers are females and that the age of gamers varies from young to old. The average of gamers is 18-35 that makes it a fertile ground for white label influencer marketing.

The gaming industry is fast changing….

A gamer could be a fashion expert, a keen traveler, a foodie, a tech guru, or a fitness enthusiast. According to Google, 47% of gamers are parents. So, you see that gamers have different lifestyles outside of the gaming industry. Marketers need to accept the gaming industry as an influencer brand platform where they can find people that love playing games.

The spending power of gamers….

A survey revealed that gamers that play for 10 hours a week have spending power double that of non-gamers. Google has generated a detailed report on the spending power of gamers. 74% of YouTube gamers are found to be interested in top-quality media and entertainment products. 73% displayed interest in top-quality foods and beverages. And this data is sufficient to prove the gaming industry is a fertile influencer marketing marketplace.

Creativity leads to success…

Gamers are highly tech-savvy persons. They won’t buy anything but they are interested in everything that is presented in a creative manner. They use a different language and they expect the same level of knowledge from marketers. It is here influencer marketing companies enter into the picture.

If you are interested in tapping the power of the gaming industry then you should find Instagram influencers that can push your brand in the billion-dollar gaming industry. There is a calculated risk in investing in gamers but it could be a rewarding experience.


The above discussion proves the worth of the gaming industry for marketing and the role of b2b tech influencers in promoting businesses and products in the booming gaming market. If you aren’t targeting the gaming industry, you are missing something very important.