IMAI: Full comprehensive solution

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After years of experience and identification of a need for real data, LDRS GROUP invested in technology, creating IMAI; a full automation of influencer marketing (B2B SAAS) allowing full management of influencer marketing campaigns📱. The technology is divided into four distinct platforms: the discovery, the client dashboard, the influencer app and the backend. 

Three different modules have been developed depending on the types of companies we work with and on their needs. The first one is the basic module. It’s called “Discover” because it focuses on the Discovery Platform, which was described in a previous blog post. It targets companies scouting and searching for influencers. The second module is more sophisticated and was discussed in a previous blog as well. It is called “Search & analyze” and allows companies – with existing influencer programs looking to optimize them – to confidently track KPIs and uncover insights for continued growth📈 in real time. The third module is the most complete one and is called “full comprehensive solution”. We will discuss the latter in this article.

The full comprehensive solution module is a 3- entry programmatic system that allows users to discover, activate, execute, manage, and measure campaigns in one place. This end-to-end comprehensive solution is suited for agencies and brands, helping them scale-up and reduce manpower, and giving them technological advantages in their market. In fact, this module combines the execution platform, the client dashboard and the influencer app. Lets have a look at these.

1. Execution platform

Create customized campaign briefs, invite, select and follow up on influencers and their content easily.

Agency CRM & IRM 

Our technology enables you to effectively build and manage your influencer network, to pay them and manage your clients list and their campaigns. 

Prediction Analysis (planning)

This feature helps you estimate the budget of a campaign based on the specifics. You can estimate the expected engagement of the campaign: reach, PPE, average reach per post and more.


Set and collect your campaign’s requirements, descriptions and goals in one place! You will write all the important requirements of the campaign the influencer will receive directly on their app. You will be able to give references, hashtags and mentions requirements, provide customized swipe-up links and much more. 

Invite section

Invite relevant influencers to your campaign. Based on the filters pre-defined, our system will pick only the relevant influencers from your network and you can invite them all in one click. The influencers will then receive the invitation on their app. 

Influencer content management

Once the influencers are selected, it is possible to follow up on their content creation progress easily. You can approve or refuse a content before it goes live, letting them know what you like/dislike. This information will directly be sent to them on the app.


2. Client Dashboard 

A dedicated interface for the client

Your customers can effectively monitor the progress of a campaign in real time thanks to this dashboard.

Keep control of the brand identity 

Nothing goes live before the clients/brands approve the content beforehand.

KPI visualization 

Provide the right tools for your clients to:

  • Observe the campaign progress and the influencer content, receiving real time data about their reach, engagement and interactions
  • Follow up on the campaign to the minute. They get notified when the influencers accept your proposal, post something or when the metrics report is ready to go. 


3. App

Influencer interface

Innovative and fast, you will always be on the same page! Our app connects you directly, quickly and easily with the influencers. They receive the brief and upload posts to match the aesthetic of your brand. It is possible to chat with them, comment on their posts or ask questions.


APP with Integrated Chat 

Our system allows you to work directly with the talent agencies by providing them their own platform to deal with your clients. Through the app, the agency and the brand can communicate directly with the influencers, using the chat incorporated in the platform. This chat feature ensures seamless management of the campaign and transparent communication to make sure all parties are aligned.