IMAI: Search & analyze

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After working in the influencer marketing industry for many years, LDRS GROUP chose to invest in technology and created IMAI; a comprehensive influencer marketing automation (B2B SAAS), enabling full management of influencer marketing campaigns📱. IMAI has evolved into an end-to-end comprehensive influencer marketing solution for all types of influencer marketing programs. Three different modules have been put in place in accordance with the types of companies we work with and their needs.

The first module called “Discover” is the most basic of the offerings and focuses on the Discovery Platform, which was described in our previous blog post. However, what we haven’t mentioned so far is that when the latter is combined with a powerful analytics dashboard (Customer Dashboard – also introduced in a previous blog post), it allows you to confidently track KPIs and uncover insights for continued growth📈- all in real time. This more sophisticated feature is called “Research and Analysis” and targets companies with existing influencer programs that are looking to optimize them.

Search & analyze gives access to👇🏽:

  • Client Dashboard: Visualization and graphic representation of multi-channel campaign metrics
  • Real Time Metrics: Campaign exposure, engagement, earned media value, amongst other KPIs
  • Audience Overlap Analysis: Evaluates audience overlap between influencers and establishes unique reach
  • Frequency Analysis: Collects all demographic data of audience reached in real time   
  • Personal Client Login: Agencies can provide their clients a unique login to access the data and results in real time