Top 3 Camera and Photography Instagram Influencers in Long Beach for 2023

In a world where social media plays an increasingly dominant role, Instagram continues to be one of the leading platforms for people to share their passions and interests with the world. And when it comes to photography, Long Beach is no exception.

With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and diverse communities, it’s no wonder that this coastal city has become a haven for photographers and enthusiasts alike. In fact, Long Beach has produced some of the most talented and influential camera & photography Instagram influencers of recent times.

If photography is your passion, here are the top three must-follow influencers in Long Beach who are redefining what it means to capture the essence of this stunning city. Get inspired, learn some new tricks, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Long Beach, all through the lens of these top influencers.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Long Beach photography!

Top 3 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Long Beach:

1. Patrick Coyne – @patrickc_la

Patrick Coyne, the Long Beach-based camera and photography Instagram influencer with the handle patrickc_la, has amassed an impressive following of 74,551 followers. Coyne’s feed is filled with captivating, visually-stunning photos that showcase his impeccable eye for composition, lighting and colors. His TikTok videos, which garner an impressive average of 1881 views per post, provides a behind-the-scenes look into his creative process and make for engaging viewing.

It’s no surprise that Coyne’s photos and videos attract a high level of engagement, with an average of 2,814 engagements per post and a 3.77% engagement rate. His followers undoubtedly appreciate the unique perspective he brings to the art of photography, which has won him a devoted fanbase.

What sets Coyne apart from other Instagram influencers is his ability to share his knowledge with others through his social media channels. He frequently offers tips and tricks on his Instagram stories and shares insights on his favorite gear, editing software and techniques.

It’s no wonder that aspiring photographers and creatives look up to Coyne as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Overall, Patrick Coyne is a talented and creative photographer who has earned his place as a respected influencer in the Instagram and TikTok communities.

Followers: 74,551

Engagement rate: 3.77%

Avg. engagement: 2,814

2. Martin Montes – @martin.mmontes

Martin Montes, the Instagram influencer hailing from Long Beach, is a photography expert whose unique skills and captivating content have earned him a massive following online. With over 5,900 followers and an impressive average of 1881 views per TikTok post, Martin has become a prominent presence in the digital world of cameras and photography.

Throughout his impressive career as a visual artist, Martin has consistently created content that is both visually stunning and informative. His ability to blend creativity with knowledge has resulted in a loyal fanbase that looks to him for inspiration and guidance.

On Instagram, Martin goes by the username martin.mmontes, where his beautiful feed showcases an array of his work. Given his ability to create engaging content, it’s no surprise that each post he makes receives an average of 876 engagements, resulting in a 14.85% engagement rate.

With each post displaying Martin’s innovative talent, it is clear that he has honed his craft over many years of experience. His work is a testament to the endless possibilities of modern photography, and it’s easy to see why he has such a massive following.

Overall, Martin Montes is a dynamic visual artist whose unique skills and expertise have made him one of the most prominent Instagram influencers in the photography community. His talent is undeniable, and his future as a top social media influencer only looks brighter from here on out.

Followers: 5,900

Engagement rate: 14.85%

Avg. engagement: 876

3. Brian Ringel – @brianringel

Meet Brian Ringel, an Instagram influencer hailing from Long Beach who goes by the username brianringel. With his eye for capturing the perfect moment, Brian has amassed an impressive following of 11,760 people on this photo-sharing platform, and it’s not hard to see why.

From his incredible close-up shots of nature to his stunning landscape photography, Brian’s feed is a visual feast for the senses.

With 1881 average views per TikTok video, he shows no sign of slowing down. His followers love his content, as evidenced by his 698 average engagements per post and 5.94% engagement rate.

It’s clear that Brian knows how to connect with his audience through his art, and he is undoubtedly someone to keep an eye on in the world of photography. With his unique perspective and talent for capturing stunning visuals, he is sure to keep inspiring others to pick up their cameras and explore the world around them.

Followers: 11,760

Engagement rate: 5.94%

Avg. engagement: 698


And that’s a wrap! Our exploration of the top camera and photography influencers at the bustling hub of Long Beach has come to a close. But before we part ways, let’s take a moment to reflect on the awe-inspiring images and stories that these talented individuals have shared with us.

From the endless stretches of white sand beaches to the vibrant cityscapes that twinkled in the night, it’s clear that these influencers have mastered the art of capturing beauty in all its forms. Their lenses have transported us to far-off lands and whispered secrets of the world that we may have never known existed.

But beyond their technical prowess, it’s their creative vision that truly sets these influencers apart. With each shot, they weave a unique tale that speaks to the heart and soul of the viewer.

It’s no wonder that their followers number in the millions and that they’ve become a true force within the photography community.

As we bid adieu to Long Beach and treasure the memories that these influencers have gifted us, we leave with a newfound appreciation for the power of the lens and the endless possibilities that lay before us.

And who knows, maybe one day we’ll be fortunate enough to join their ranks and inspire others to see the world through a new lens. Until next time, keep exploring and snapping away!