Top 4 television & film Instagram influencers in Brazil in 2023

As we cruise into 2023, we are now entering a world where the traditional entertainment industry has been dramatically augmented by technology-driven influencers. In Brazil, social media and digital culture have been in particularly high demand, leading to the rise of the top four television and film Instagram influencers in the region.

These personalities have not only mobilized their own engaged followings, but their story-driven content and innovative approaches to storytelling have opened up new opportunities for the world at large to participate in the Brazilian cultural experience.

Top 4 television & film Instagram influencers from Brazil:

1. Fala + Disso – @fala_maisdisso

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Followers: 31,347

Engagement rate: 2.18%

Avg. engagement: 68,212

2. Robert Guimarães – @robertwgs91

Having amassed over one million followers on Instagram, Robert Guimarães has become a renowned television and film influencer from Brazil. Known to his fans as robertwgs91, Robert uses his Instagram page to share behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the latest TV and film projects he’s working on.

His followers love his candid approach and the insight he provides into the world of cinema and television.

What’s more, Robert’s influence extends past social media.

From the United States to Japan, Robert’s fans have been inspired by his charismatic Acting performances that he delivers wherever he goes. Plus, Robert isn’t afraid to tackle different styles, from comedy to drama.

This has led to a flexible body of work that can be seen in various popular television and film projects worldwide.

For anyone wanting to stay up to date on the latest in television and film, Robert Guimarães is certainly one to watch.

Not only does he keep his followers informed on all the newest projects, but he also makes sure to keep his content exciting and fresh. With his infectious energy and captivating performances, Robert has proved himself to be one of the most exciting television and film influencers in Brazil.

Followers: 3,298

Engagement rate: 16.7%

Avg. engagement: 55,085

3. Kim ? Lima – @kim_cos1

Kim ? Lima is an Instagram influencer from Brazil who captures the hearts of her followers through mesmerizing visuals from the world of television and film. From locations ranging from the exuberant carnivals of Rio de Janeiro to sophisticated sets of Los Angeles, Kim’s world of images is a dazzling escape for her followers.

Her eye for color and ease of story-telling captures her audience and allows them to engage not just through the lens of her imagery but through her thought provoking captions which she adds to her work. Her Instagram account is a testament to her exceptional ability to share the wonders of television and film.

Followers: 27,654

Engagement rate: 1.56%

Avg. engagement: 43,086

4. Guilherme Briggs – @guilhermebriggs

Guilherme Briggs, a television and film Instagram influencer from Brazil, is a master of curating breathtaking visual stories. His Instagram handle, guilhermebriggs, captivates an audience with his vibrant and unique content.

Through his captivating visuals, Guilherme takes viewers on a journey, showcasing the splendor of the Brazilian culture—from gastronomy to fashion and nature. He also shares inspirational stories and movies, offering viewers a diverse array of content.

Whether he’s sharing his latest adventure or his favorite film, Guilherme Briggs’ Instagram account is not to be missed. He is an innovator, influencer, and creative force with a sharp eye for aesthetics and the ability to transport an audience through the power of his visuals.

Followers: 716,453

Engagement rate: 0.03%

Avg. engagement: 23,005


As the media landscape continues to evolve, it’s clear that influencers will play a larger role in both the television and film industries in Brazil in 2023. This top four list showcased some major players that could take the industry by storm, and it’s sure to be a fascinating next four years in Brazilian media.