Twitch influencer marketing platforms

Twitch is a video-sharing platform more popular for video games live-streaming and eSports competitions, but the influencers have also started making content on music, DIY, creativity, and lifestyle. And they have amassed 15 million daily users and the average time spent by these users is 44 billion minutes per month.

Depending on your business, you can collaborate with an influencer and take your marketing message to the millions of users that spend billions of minutes consuming the interesting content posted by the streamers. is here to help in locating the right streamers that can take your brand message a step ahead of the competitors.

Take A Different Approach To Marketing

Twitch influencer marketing takes a different approach. Where others rely on posted and shared content, this video-sharing platform allows live-streaming of the content. Here you say what you do instead of recording the content and they editing and improving it to post it on social media. Here you can go live to connect with your viewers in real-time.

It is the right video-sharing platform to market your brand if you are targeting a younger user base. According to recent data, 75% of the users belong to the age group of 16-34. Also, the data further states that 65% of users are men and 35% are women. And all these users are followers of one streamer or another. And you can find all leading and upcoming streamers on .

Entertain First, Advertise Second

Influencers in Twitch entertain first and advertise second. Viewers want to learn more about your brand like what product you offer or service provider. It could be a piece of news about a product launch, or opening of a business, or industry-related news. You could serve anything, but it is always entertainment first. And a streamer can help you connect with the targeted audiences.

Find the right streamer that can serve your content in an entertaining way in that is the largest influencer marketing network in the world. We donโ€™t force streamers on businesses but allow clients to explore our large database of influencers. Here you can filter your search according to demographics targeted, audiences like millennials, and past collaborations of streamers.

Interact With The Targeted Audience

Join hands with the top Twitch streamers to interact with the targeted audience. Your clients want to hear from you. They are looking for the business you do and the only way to interact with them is to take the help of a streamer that has a large following of the clients you are targeting. Let an influencer find an interesting way to present your business and you remain free to reap the benefits of his labor.

Invest your money on the right streamer instead of blindly choosing one from a host of options available on the web. Follow to make data-driven decisions on streamers. Betting on the right person can give you the edge you need to stay ahead in the competition. Be the first to reach out to the targeted audience and always remain ahead in making offers to get a lead over others.

Send Your Message Live

Live streaming has many advantages over recorded videos. It happens in real-time and feels like a one-on-one meeting. In Twitch influencer marketing, you will get an opportunity to catch your audience live and try influencing their decisions with your message. Since it will be entertainment first, the viewers will be ready to receive the brand message at the end of the entertainment. has developed a system for understanding influencers. We provide comprehensive data with filters including audience metrics, areas of interest, and past collaborations to help businesses make intelligent decisions. Here you will work with technology that leaves no scope of error. Also, you will get sufficient data to rely on the opinion made and count on the influencer chosen.

Come Join Hands With Us can help you rule the Twitch video sharing platform where you can entertain your audience and advertise your brand. It is infotainment that will give excellent results in a short time. Your money will be invested in the right person and you will see the popularity of your brand scaling new heights every day.