API Influencer Marketing Integrations

Table of Contents

1. Influencer discovery API

Find new influencers to work with, Search & identify influencers, find 130 Million and extend influencers from your existing influencer lists by searching through our database of vetted influencers & curate new lists of influencers to work with.

2. Influencer Audience Data Analytics API

Get exclusive access to in-depth analytics, Pull in data on influencers you work with & get their audience demographic data. Audience data that is returned from our API includes demographic information such as Influencer email, age, gender, location by city and country, fake followers, link clicks and average story views with your internal analytics software to create the exact parameters that you’re looking for

Take data directly from IMAI to incorporate into your own tools to create the most customizable dashboard for your clients with high-level analytics.

3. Influencer Marketing Post-performance API

Get the posts performance and analytics with IMAI API integration.

4. Influencer Contact details API

Get complete information about your favorite influencers' phone numbers or Email addresses.

5. Social Listening API

Spy on your competitors

Analyze any tags or hashtags online thanks to our social listening tool. Get to know the influencers your competitors are working with and the kind of content they create.

Avoid the complexity of developing home-grown solutions. Leverage IMAI access to social data, authentication, and insights to streamline your custom influencer marketing solutions.

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