The #1-White-Label Influencer Marketing Solution

• All-in-one influencer marketing agency platform.

• Built by a tech-driven agency, for agencies.

• Streamlines influencer marketing processes.

Manage every aspect of every campaign under one roof.

The only solution with 4 interfaces for every aspect of managing in influencer marketing agency. Agency CRM and IRM, Clients dedicated dashboard, Influencer APP and Talent agencies.

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Backend system

This is the heart of the system. This is where all the magic happens to ensure the well functioning of a campaign. In a few clicks, activate your campaigns and hundreds of influencers.

#Agency CRM & IRM

• Build and manage influencer databases, client lists, and campaigns effortlessly in a unified platform.

• Streamline influencer marketing operations with a user-friendly interface.

• Centralize and simplify the process of organizing and tracking influencer collaborations and campaigns.

#Campaign Planning

• Predict campaign metrics in advance, providing insights on engagement, exposure, and more.

• Gain a glimpse into the future by anticipating the performance of your campaigns.

• Make informed decisions based on accurate predictions of campaign metrics, optimizing your strategies for success.

#Brief & Invite

• Set up campaign requirements, descriptions, and goals effortlessly from a single dashboard.

• Easily invite relevant influencers within seconds to participate in the campaign.

• Streamline the process of managing campaign requirements and goals, enhancing efficiency and saving time.

#Content management

• Provide instant feedback to influencers through the app, expressing your love or dislike for their posts.

• Easily share your thoughts about influencers’ posts from the convenience of your mobile device.

• Directly communicate your feedback to influencers using the app, enhancing engagement and communication between users and influencers.

Client dashboard

Make every client feel special with personal login details and an exclusive dashboard. Monitor progress in real-time!

#Select influencers

• Your client can easily select top brand advocates with a Tinder-like interface, empowering them to choose the right content creators.

• Access full analytics in one space, enabling your client to make informed decisions.

• Choose the perfect content creators with confidence, thanks to the streamlined selection process and data-driven insights.

#Keep control
of brand identity

And nothing goes live until the ‘client’ approves the content beforehand!

#Real-time KPIs

• Real-time tracking: Empower your clients to track campaign statistics in real-time, from engagement to audience data and beyond.

• Comprehensive insights: Provide your clients with a deeper understanding of campaign performance by accessing a wide range of data beyond basic metrics.

• Enhanced client control: Enable your clients to actively monitor and manage their campaigns, making informed decisions based on real-time data.

Influencer Web App

Influencers can view real-time campaign performance stats from our 1-click web app.


• Shoot out briefs in seconds for quick influencer post creation and brand alignment.

• Chat, comment, and ask questions in a centralized app for streamlined communication and collaboration.
• Get your branded app developed and available on App Store and Google Play within a few days, complete with your logo and accessible to your network.

#Keep the conversation going

Ensure a successful, fully-functional campaign through transparent communication that keeps everyone on the same page.

Talent agency solution is the only one to have developed a talent agency interface of its kind.

#Take the reins

Discover top influencers from the talent agencies around. Send them deals, free from clutter.

Save up to

# 25% with Yearly Plans

Cost-effective pricing, for every scale.


All plans include unlimited consulting from our experienced influencer marketing experts at no extra cost.

$499 /month

Best for growing agencies and aspiring brands


$1,200 /month

Best for established agencies and large brands


$2,000 /month

Best for Enterprises and white-label platforms.

$395 /month

Billed at $4,740/yr
Best for growing agencies and aspiring brands


$995 /month

Billed at $11,940/yr

Best for established agencies and large brands


$1,595 /month

Billed at $19,140/yr
Best for Enterprises and white-label platforms.

Fully Managed Service


$2,495 /month
Billed at $7,485 / quarter

  • Fully managed influencer marketing service.
  • We find your ideal influencers and create collaborations for you.
  • Platform access is included with SCALE plan.
  • Service requires minimum 3 months commitment.

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