What Are The Important Factors In Social Media Monitoring?





What Are The Important Factors In Social Media Monitoring?

Social media influencer marketing is bubbling with activities and if you aren’t tuned in to the conversations then you will lag behind your competitors that are good at managing social media.

When you make a tweet or post a comment or share something about your brand, you should follow your brand to know what others are saying about the brand. It will give you the influencer insight that will help you stay ahead in the competition.

Social media monitoring

It is a process of listening about your brand, business, product, or whatever you share on social media. And if you aren’t listening to what others are saying about you, you are reducing your influencer outreach.

For example, you should have an eye over every tweet, comment, post, and share that mentions your business or your name. It will allow you to notice trends and provide ample time to respond to strengthen your presence in the influencer marketing marketplace. There are certain factors that you need to look into to monitor your online reputation.

  1. Brand mention

Check the content with your brand name and it could be without @ or #. Every piece of content that is in any way related to your brand should come to your notice. You should even consider misspellings and product names that are related to your brand as brand mention. It will help you know what people are talking about your brand and provide you time to plan your best influencer marketing strategy.

  1. Customer questions

Customers have become demanding. They want brands to be quick in responding to their queries. You have only 10 minutes time to notice a query and give its reply. A slight delay in giving a reply will result in a negative mark by a customer and the habit of delaying response could tank your reputation on an influencer brand platform.

  1. Competition

It is competitor analysis. You should know who your competitors are and how are they doing on social media. Look at their product ideas, marketing tactics, and customer feedback understand their strategy, and make changes in your influencer advertising strategy to match with that of your competitors.

  1. Customer sentiments

A high volume of negative comments and feedback would mean a crisis is brewing and urgent attention is needed to strengthen your brand image. For example, you can find Instagram influencers to work for your brand and make it popular on social media.