Discover the Top Art & Design Instagram Influencers in Petrolina for 2023: Our Selection of the Top 3

Instagram has become a hub for creative souls to showcase their work and inspire others to follow their passion. In the world of art and design, the platform has proven to be a great avenue for sharing ideas, techniques, and artistic visions that stand out in the digital space.

In Petrolina, Brazil, there are several Instagram influencers who have mastered the art of sharing their creativity and leaving an impactful impression on their followers. In this blog post, we will introduce you to three of the best art and design Instagram influencers to follow in Petrolina in 2023. With their unique approach and talent, these creators are sure to leave you inspired and awestruck.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of art and design and discover some of the most magnificent talents that Petrolina has to offer!

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Petrolina:

1. Gabrielle Rebecca(Gabi) – @desenhos_de_umagarotaesperta

Let me introduce you to Gabrielle Rebecca, an Instagram influencer from Petrolina. Known by her username desenhos_de_umagarotaesperta, she has a massive 8,530 followers on Instagram, showcasing her incredible work of art and design.

Gabi is a true master of her craft, with each of her Instagram posts receiving an average of 335 engagements. Her TikTok videos on the other hand are averaging a whopping 2077 views, making her a force to be reckoned with in the art and design industry.

What’s truly impressive is the staggering engagement rate of 3.93% in each of her posts.

Her content is creatively captivating and consistently garners attention from her followers.

Gabi’s social media presence is truly remarkable, and her followers love her for it. Her artistic prowess and unique style are why she has amassed such a significant following.

Without a doubt, Gabrielle Rebecca is one of the most celebrated art and design influencers in the industry today.

Followers: 8,530

Engagement rate: 3.93%

Avg. engagement: 335

2. Fรกtima Rodrigues – @fatimarodriguessc

Meet @fatimarodriguessc, a talented and creative art and design Instagram influencer from Petrolina. With her unique sense of style and eye-catching content, she has attracted over 2,982 followers! Her TikTok views average at 2077, while each of her posts gets around 201 engagements on Instagram.

Want to know her secret? It’s the impressive 6.74% engagement rate in all her posts that keeps her followers coming back for more. Join her fabulous journey and explore the world of art and design!

Followers: 2,982

Engagement rate: 6.74%

Avg. engagement: 201

3. Karol Ferreira – @artesdekarol

Karol Ferreira is an Instagram influencer hailing from the sunny city of Petrolina. Known on Instagram as artesdekarol, she has amassed a solid following of 2,088 people who are in it for her unique art and design posts.

Karol Ferreira’s influence is not limited to just Instagram, however, as she also has an admirable following on TikTok with an average of 2077 views per post. On top of this, her posts receive an average of 183 engagements and boast an impressive 8.76% engagement rate – just goes to show the kind of impact her art and design has on her audience.

Followers: 2,088

Engagement rate: 8.76%

Avg. engagement: 183

In Short:

And there you have it, Art & Design enthusiasts! We’ve explored the top three Instagram influencers from Petrolina that you need to follow for 2023.

From the bold and colorful artwork of Juju Tavares, to the whimsical designs of Ana Paula Cismondi, and the pristine ceramic work of Jรบlio Moreira – these creative minds will inspire and captivate you in ways you never thought possible.

So, whether you’re a seasoned artist or a curious observer, prepare to be amazed and dazzled by the talents of these three incredible influencers. Their work is a testament to the power of creativity and the limitless potential of the human soul.

Follow them now, and witness the magic unfold before your very eyes. Who knows, maybe someday you too could be among their ranks, inspiring and elevating the art world to new heights.

So, go ahead, take that leap of faith, and join the thousands of followers who have been mesmerized by the artistry of Juju Tavares, Ana Paula Cismondi, and Jรบlio Moreira.

For in the world of art and design, anything is possible, and everything is beautiful.

And these three influencers are living proof of that. So, let your imagination run wild, and who knows what new and wondrous creations you might conjure up.

The world is your canvas, your inspiration the brush. So, go ahead, create, dream, and let the beauty of the world inspire you each and every day.